Sunday, December 25, 2011

Review: A Little Harmless Submission (Harmless #6) by Melissa Schroeder

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Rome Carino is hunting a predator. One who likes to hurt submissives, and the most popular BDSM club’s patrons are being targeted. With each fresh kill he gets more brazen. Rome knows he just needs one little break, but before he can make headway, the FBI shows up. Worse, the uptight, buttoned-down Special Agent Maria Callahan suggests a plan that is dangerous, but worth it because it might just catch the killer. If Rome can keep his mind on the case and off the beautiful FBI agent, he'll be just fine.

Maria is still trying to step out of her legendary father's shadow and knows just how to do it. Luring the killer by posing as Rome's new sub seems like a good idea. That is, until undercover becomes real life and she finds herself tangled up with a man who amazes and scares her at the same time. Her growing attraction to the Honolulu Police Detective is a little too much to handle. Even knowing that, she can't help falling in love with the tough Dom and losing herself in the games they play in the bedroom.

Rome is overwhelmed by his need for Maria. He has never had a sub respond to him the way she does, and no matter what he does, he feels himself slipping off that cliff into love. As their relationship starts to unfold, he realizes that he will do anything to win her heart, to convince her to become his sub for a lifetime. But before he can do anything, the killer turns his attention on Rome and the one thing he holds dear: Maria.

WARNING: The following book contains: A Dom who thinks he can do no wrong, a new sub who is about to teach him he can, palm trees, a trip or two to Rough ‘n Ready, a flirty Aussie Dom with questionable motives, old friends, and a new enemy. Yeah, it might be called Harmless, but you Addicts know it’s anything but.
My Thoughts:  Yes, I totally have a soft spot for D/s books where the Dom introduces his new sub to the BDSM lifestyle.  I like the give and take between the two type of people who make up a D/s duo.  I like seeing a Dom push his new sub's boundaries without breaking her spirit.  It's a delicate line for an author to walk and Melissa Schroeder does it very well.

Maria is strong and confident in her professional life.  She has to be to hold her own against the other agents in the FBI.  From the moment she meets Rome, she's intrigued by him.  Going undercover as his sub to nab the murderer seems like the perfect plan but she finds herself submitting willingly to everything he asks of her.  As I said, there's a fine line between coaxing submission from a sub and breaking them down completely and Maria submits without losing her sense of self.  She's still the strong, confident woman she was before she fell into Rome's bed, she simply finds that his brand of lovin' is exactly what she needs in her personal life.

Now, Rome falls hard and fast.  As a Dom he prides himself on his control, yet Maria makes him lose it. Add in a tragic event from his past that makes him leery of loving someone he has a professional relationship with and you have the perfect recipe for some explosive sexing.

The mystery ultimately plays second fiddle to the burgeoning relationship between Maria and Rome, but it adds a nice bit of spice all the same.  All in all, it was a fun, fast, naughty little ride that left me wanting to read more of those Rough 'n Ready men.

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