Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Feature at Reading the Paranormal: Serial Killers

A while back while discussing books, my friend Odd brought up an interesting point. She idly wondered how differently people who were invested in a series saw later books as opposed to people who plopped themselves into a series midway through. As a person who has several established series I'm currently feverishly working my way through and also as someone who's randomly picked up book #5 in a series and read it with no idea what had come before, this intrigued me. Do those of us who have followed a series from book 1 and are invested in the characters see things differently then people who don't know the backstory and are stepping into it fresh? To me, the answer would be yes.

However, as with everything in life, this isn't necessarily true.

So, Odd and I set out to test this. Once a month we'll be featuring a book from a series that one of us has read and the other has not. Then we'll begin dissecting.

1 book. 2 reviews. Quite possibly 2 very different takes on that book.

As we're gearing up for all this craziness, I'd like to introduce you all to Odd.
@Oddmonstr lives in a cottage in the forests of Vermont, with a magical back-talking rabbit, six dogs and a superhero. She's in disgrace at work for not liking chocolate enough, but her busy schedule of reading, knitting, biking through the snow and inhaling coffee (sometimes all at once) doesn't leave much wiggle room. She reviews culinary mysteries at Read Em and Eat (http://oddmonster.blogspot.com).
Odd and I hope to see what you think when our brains collide and the thoughts come spilling out. Tentatively, Serial Killers reviews are scheduled to go up on the first Wednesday of every month. Or the first of every month. I haven't decided yet.

See you there!