Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: The Sanction Chronicles: Welcome to Sanction by Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Welcome to Sanction, the 3rd largest all paranormal town in the USA and Wind Haven High School accepting students from the werewolf, witch, and vampire community.

September 1: The Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft is burned to the ground leaving the teens from Sanction's three biggest powers with only one place to go... Now if the Witches can avoid Non-Witches, the Werewolves don't tear anyone apart, and the Vampires keep their mouths shut Wind Haven High School might survive. IF...
My Thoughts: I had a hard time starting this review which is weird because I really, really liked the book. I love the characters, from the middle of three seer sisters who has gained an unexpected power that her sisters have not to the lone human amongst the supernaturals to the werewolf boy with a shadowed past. The background characters aren't too shabby either. Witches, vampires (I love the eyeliner wearing, death obsessed vamp, btw), ghosts... honestly, it's a town full of fabulous peeps.

The destruction of the witches' school opens up a world of conflict when the three groups (witches, werewolves and vamps) suddenly find themselves sharing space. The three groups already have issues with one another and when you throw in teenage hormones and general idiocy, the sparks fly.

There are a lot of questions raised, a nice mystery to solve, and a dark menace on the horizon. I am incredibly curious as to where the characters are going. Is there an unexpected romance blooming between some of the characters? Will Jessie figure a way out of her predicament? Is the town in danger? I DON'T KNOW! But I want to know!

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Welcome to Sanction was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I'd ask if there were #NakedWerewolves, but since this is a YA, that seems a little inappropriate.

    1. Actually, the werewolf pack does disrobe before going furry. Therefore, there technically *are* #NakedWerewolves in this book. O.O

  2. Hmmm...
    How could they not get naked indeed. They would look pretty funny in their clothes as wolves. Then they would need to do the dog thing - where they try to get out of their clothes. Not real dignified. I kinda figured they all moved off into the woods with the group they planned to run with and left their clothes and shifted.

    I will have to ask Dylan to drop in and share his thoughts.
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration in reviewing Welcome to Sanction and the thoughtful comments.
    Have a great one and rock on lady- great blog.
    Terry Kate
    The Sanction Chronicles Young Adult Series.