Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Addicted (Touched #2) by S.A. Archer

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Suffering from the addiction to the Sidhe Touch, London is obsessed with finding a source of magic that can ease her curse. Unfortunately, premium magic like the Touch comes with one a heck of a high price tag. Working off the debt she’s racked up to the dealer may well terminate her addiction once and for all, because nothing’s more dangerous than doing a Changeling’s dirty work.
My Thoughts: Wow. When London was first cursed (oddly enough in Cursed) it was fairly obvious it was going to be a pretty grueling ride for her. I mean, being Sidhe cursed would be bad enough without having the source of your drug tragically killed not long after he cursed you. Which is kind of a douche-y thing to do, by the way. I mean, he addicts her and then jaunts off and ends up dead? Rude much.

Now London is out trolling the mean streets, looking for a Sidhe to fill her up with magic-y goodness. Boy, oh, boy, does she get in a pickle when she finds one. Bad stuff, people. She's doing things that she never thought she'd be doing and it's starting to eat away at her. And all because one Sidhe sought to use her and got her addicted to the Touch. That sucks. Big time.

As usual, S.A. Archer has created incredible characters that grab you and drag you into their world. London's problems look like they're only beginning and I'm heard pressed to see how she's going to get herself out of this.

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Addicted was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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