Monday, February 13, 2012

Review & Giveaway: My Zombie My (I Zombie #2) by Jack Wallen

Synopsis (Goodreads):
The City of Lights is crawling with the undead who care nothing for love or wine and are hell-bent on getting the one thing they want - your brains. The living have only one hope – Bethany Nitshimi who carries with her an encrypted file containing the key to the cure. Unfortunately Bethany is battling the undead, the apocalypse, and a group who will stop at nothing to keep her from curing the plague.

My Zombie My picks up where I Zombie I left off and heads into Paris. Bethany’s gang of heroes has picked up a few more strays and mankind is getting dangerously close to the end. As Bethany battles the zombie horde she must crack the file, get the cure, and save the human race, before we are just meat for the beasts.
My Thoughts: Oh, Zombies! Oh, wicked, gnawing zombies with your longing for brains and viscera and other things that should stay on the inside. There's something about you that both horrifies me and makes me keep reading! I think it's the moaning. Or maybe the way you can rip a person to shreds without batting an eyelash. Or possibly it's the way you scoop out brain meat like it's a fine delicacy.

As far as these zombies go, not only are they brutal and strong but they appear to be evolving at an alarming rate. Beth and her band of survivors are hitting a physical and emotional wall as things just keep getting worse and worse. To top it off, one of the driving forces behind Beth's need to keep herself moving and not succumb to the despair that's beginning to eat away at all of them is taken away and Beth is thrown into a tailspin.

Dark, brutal, and bloody, this book hypnotized me with its dangerous streets and the sense of betrayal that is lurking around every corner. The hits just keep on coming for these survivors and I'm starting to wonder if any of them are going to get out of this alive.

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