Monday, April 9, 2012

Review: Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Who says a wolf can’t make a pussycat purr?

Perfect timing has never been Lilly Prescott’s long suit. Seconds before a showdown with werewolf Dante Morgan, who owns a property that by rights should belong to her, she goes into heat. Not a simple event for a lynx shifter. No, she’s doomed to weeks of frustration that can only be soothed by frequent rolls in the hay—or her hand. Unfortunately, Dante accidentally witnesses the latter.

Left shaken and highly aroused in the snow, Dante can’t believe he’s attracted to the woman who drives him crazy, and not in a good way. Worse, his father has issued an ultimatum. Marry, or abdicate his place as pack leader. On the other hand, it’s the perfect leverage. Lilly will get her land…in exchange for a wedding ring and all the sexual satisfaction she can handle.

Marry Dante? No doubt he’s a poster boy for Hunks ’R’ Us, but he’s rude, arrogant and Lilly’s sworn enemy. Not to mention the thought of losing her independence is frightening as hell.

When they find themselves falling victim to their own charade, though, it’s anything but hell. It’s heaven, and the last thing either of them wants. The real thing.

Product Warnings:This book contains redneck werewolves, inconvenient hormones, and a whole new use for cat toys. Uncontrollable meowing may occur.
My Thoughts: Oh, Jodi Redford, you had me at redneck werewolves. I would have been perfectly content with that alone but you had to throw in cat toys and a tag line that tickled my funny bone. Clearly you've been breaking into my house again in the dead of night (like a shifter-obsessed ninja) and rifling through my brain. This is getting very awkward. I might as well just give you a key and invite you in for tea and cookies.

*ahem* Right. I'm not really sure if this needs to be said at this point but I REALLY LIKED THIS BOOK! I mean, it has a sassy cat shifter who enjoyed a little bout of semi-private self pleasuring, a hunky werewolf who offered to even the playing field by taking himself in hand (heh!), and a passel of redneck werewolves! Plus, it's in the snow! Do you guys know how much I love books set in the snow? Okay, so my kink is actually when the hero and heroine get stranded in a snowstorm and have to be in close physical contact with one another while fighting their wild attraction (what? It's a very specific plot device that I happen to enjoy) but I am perfectly happy with two shifters frolicking in the snow.

Lilly is independent and mouthy. She knows what she wants and she's determined to get it. Unfortunately for Dante, the thing she wants in the beginning is his land. She's tenacious and pig-headed. She might be attracted to Dante but she studiously ignores it because wanting a redneck werewolf is not part of her game plan.For his part, Dante thinks Lilly is insufferable. He doesn't want to want her but once he catches her unintentional starring role in Cat Shifter Masturbatory Theater he can't stop thinking about her. And things heat up from there.

Wonderfully written and ridiculously fun, this book will have you looking high and low for a redneck werewolf of your very own. Cat toys not included.

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  1. LOL Your reviews are always so fun!

    1. Why, thank you, Miss Bea. Jodi's books make it easy to have fun.