Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Chill by Stephanie Rowe

Chill (Alaska #2) by Stephanie Rowe
Synopsis (Goodreads):

Alaskan bush pilot Luke Webber did not exist until eight years ago. His brutal history still haunts him, but no one will ever know who he used to be. It needs to stay that way, or more people will die.


Isabella Kopas is on the run, a bullet in her shoulder and a murderer on her tail. There's only one man who can help her, a man who has sworn he will never set foot in Isabella's world again.


The moment Isabella appears with her desperate brown eyes and courageous heart, Luke knows he can't walk away from this sensual stranger who has brought his past screaming back into his life. But to help her, he must risk everything, including his blackened soul, his heart and both their lives.
My Thoughts: I'm torn on this book. I liked the overall idea and I liked Luke and Isabella enough but I had some niggling questions that overrode my total immersion in the story. My biggest question being: Is Isabella some sort of government trained, ninja hacker that she can track down a man who for all intents and purposes disappeared off the face of the planet eight years before? If it were me being asked to find someone using just a computer without help from any outside sources, I'd resort to Googling and that probably wouldn't get me very far. My Google-fu is strong, but I find it doubtful it could scale Mt. Off The Grid and find someone who had reinvented himself as carefully as Luke had. It's a little thing but it kept haunting me throughout the book.

Just so you know, I'm totally a sucker for the stranded together with no one to rely on but one another scenario. Seriously, it gets me every time. So when things would happen that would put these two into close proximity I got all excited. Especially when their close proximity involved them being naked (freezing water, possibility of hypothermia... hey! Nudity happens!). That said, I was a little put off by something that happened at the end (and which I won't go into detail about because it's fairly pivotal to the plot). I'll just say that I'm not a big fan of easy endings. I like grit and blood. I like it when the bad guys are bad. I like it when everything dirty and nasty doesn't get whitewashed to make things fall into place for the hero.

I enjoyed the book but I can't really say I ever suspended my disbelief enough to become totally immersed in it. I liked a lot of the elements (did you see where I mentioned the nudity?) but it never grabbed me and pulled me in as much as I thought it would.

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  1. Wow. Nudity failed to pull you in completely? I'm shocked.

    1. Occasionally, I read books for the plot. Sometimes. Not very often.

    2. O.O I guess you learn something new every day.

      *huggles your face off*