Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Eyes of Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Eyes of Magic (Rise of the Unseelie #3) by S.A. Archer & S. Rayvnheart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
He's defective. Damaged. Malcolm knows he is. How could he not be, after a year of torture in the belly of a goblins' nest? The only magic he can do is the Touch, a perverted magic he despises and learned at the end of a whip. Everyone else in the Glamour Club has loads of magic, but not him. He doesn't fit it. But if he can't find his magic, and his place among the Sidhe, then where could he go? And what if those that enslaved him before came after him again?
My Thoughts:  When last we left Malcolm, he had gutted me and left me weeping inconsolably on the side of the road. His story flayed me. I have very strong feelings about his father's part in keeping Malcolm ignorant of his heritage and although it wasn't addressed in this story, I'm still hoping he gets what's coming to him. *scowls*

This part of the story picks up not long after Malcolm was rescued from the caves. He's a wounded animal who's unwilling to trust anyone after the torture he's been put through. He hates the way his body reacts to the Touch and he can't fathom the idea that the Touch isn't the bad thing he's been taught it is. Donovan gives him the room he needs to heal, but Malcolm's still struggling.

Malcolm's story is by far my favorite thus far. He knows nothing of the way the Fey work and he's so terribly damaged by his ordeal that he just tugs at my heart. Beyond Malcolm, the overriding arc is progressing nicely and we're starting to make some big connections between the different aspects of the story.

*crosses fingers that Donovan treats Malcolm right and helps him grow into himself*

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  1. o.O I feel like every time I read one of your reviews, you talk about weeping. Heh.

    1. Or clowns. Why do I talk about clowns so much anyway?
      I still maintain that I'm not a weeper, you know.