Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: Maddy's Floor by Dale Mayer

Maddy's Floor (Psychic Visions #3) by Dale Mayer
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Medical intuitive and licensed MD Madeleine Wagner thought she'd seen every way possible to heal a diseased body...then patients start dying from mysterious causes in her long-term facility.

The terminally ill fight to get into her ward. Once there, many So when her patients start dropping and she senses an evil force causing their deaths, she calls on her friend and mentor, Stefan, for help. Together, they delve beyond the physical plane into the metaphysical... Only to find terror.

She wants to save everyone, but are some souls not meant to be saved?

Detective Drew McNeil has two family members in need of Maddy's healing care, but his visits to her facility leave him wondering - who cares for Maddy? Bizarre events on her floor raise his professional curiosity. And the more time he spends with Maddy, the more personal everything becomes. When the deaths on Maddy's Floor intersect with one of his cold cases, he realizes an old killer has returned - and Maddy's standing in his path.

How can these people stop something that no one else can see, feel or even believe?
My Thoughts: I really like the world that Dale Mayer has created with this series. It's a bit dark, a bit bloody and I like that the characters have to feel their way through their abilities. Maddy has the medical training to back up her particular skill and she uses it wisely. However, she's hampered by the rest of the world's distrust and misunderstanding of what she can do. Yet, those she treats show results and this gives her a bit of leeway in the medical trial she's conducting.

Probably the only thing in this book that gave me pause was the way everyone seemed to be sexually attracted to Maddy at first. It was borderline creepy with some of the characters and added another level of tension to Maddy's investigation. I will say that Dale Mayer kept me guessing right up to the end as to who was involved in the deaths of Maddy's patients. Yes, I'm a aware that I'm not a good guesser when it comes to these types of things, but I enjoyed trying to untangle the threads of this mystery.

Murder, mayhem, energy manipulation, and psychic visions kept me on my toes. Drew and Maddy's chemistry made me purr. I love that Stefan is the common thread that runs between the books in this series and I'm kinda excited about the hints that were dropped about his future.

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3. Maddy's Floor - Kindle

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