Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Blade Song by J.C. Daniels

Blade Song by J.C. Daniels
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be a piece of cake.

So why is she so nervous? It probably has something to do with the insanity that happens when you deal with shifters—especially sexy ones who come bearing promises of easy jobs and easier money.

Or maybe it’s all the other missing kids that Kit discovers while working the case, or the way her gut keeps screaming she’s gotten in over her head. Or maybe it’s because if she fails—she’s dead.

If she can stay just one step ahead, she should be okay. Maybe she’ll even live long to collect her fee…
My Thoughts: Guys, I was blown away by this book. I stayed up reading until I literally couldn't focus anymore, grabbed a few hours of sleep and finished up as soon as I woke up the next morning. I was completely in love with the total snark that Kit and Damon were tossing back and forth. I was completely in love with the tension - OMG! THE TENSION - between the two of them. I loved the way the snippets of Kit's life as a child were dribbled to us to help us understand why she's as reckless and driven as she is. I loved how gritty it was. It was dark and bloody and it hit the spot as far as what I wanted to read went.

I really did love how prickly Kit and Damon were with one another but I REALLY REALLY loved how Damon's interactions with Kit evolved as he spent more time with her. His desire to find Doyle makes him ruthless in the beginning, eager to use Kit's abilities toward his own end. He's rude, domineering and very snarly. Then... things change. His needling turns into something a little more suggestive and Kit's not quite sure how to deal with it at first. This slow switch in his attitude was intriguing because you could see the way Kit got under his skin. You could see his opinion changing as the book progressed. I kind of loved it.

There was a lot going on in this book - I will say that the world building in the beginning was DENSE but I think it was needed to set the tone for later - and there are parts of it that aren't pretty. But it is captivating. Incredibly so. Kit's entire existence and her heritage were so intriguing. Her abilities, her weaknesses... I honestly want more. I'm considering rereading the book immediately to help ease the pang of my withdrawal.

Dark, gritty, and sexy, this is one series I will be continuing with. No question.

Books in this series
1. Blade Song - Kindle
2. Night Blade

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  1. Wow! Talk about a rave review. *grin* When you say the world building was dense in the beginning, do you mean there were a lot of info dumps? Did characters simply tell each other what the world was like, or did the author take asides to inform you as the reader as to what was going on..?

    1. It's been a few weeks since I read this (I'm a champion scheduler, thankyouverymuch) but I don't remember it as being straight info dumps. There was just a lot of world and bits and pieces that were brought in. It's dark and dirty and it swelled up on every page.

      And now I want to reread it again. Lol!

  2. Uh... this one is going straight on my wishlist. *plunk* (that's the sound of a book being added to a wishlist)

    1. I *really* liked it. The snark. THE SNARK! <3 the snark!

  3. I'm reading this one soon...can't wait! Thanks for sharing the awesome review.

  4. Skipped your book 2 review and came straight here... Great review! Definitely adding this to my wish list!

    1. Yay! This series BLEW ME AWAY! (and book 2 is really good, too!)