Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: Fairyland by J.L. Bryan

Fairyland (Songs of Magic #4) by J.L. Bryan
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jason and Erin’s urgent mission takes them deep into the colorful and deadly wilds of Faerie, full of bizarre and rude creatures, and past the glittering volcanic islands of the Southward Sea.

In man-world, Mitch and Dred try to prepare for a live concert in front of millions of viewers while half their band is missing. The record company is furious with them, and so are a certain violet-haired fairy and her banshee wolf friend, who finally catch up with them in Los Angeles.

In Faerie, Queen Mab and the leprechaun Aonghus Mac Lobhar enter into a secret agreement over a new kind of magic that will change fairyland forever...
My Thoughts: First off, I love this cover. I think it's funky and awesome in a sparkly kinda of way. That's a good thing, in case you were wondering. Sparkly stuff is good when it's shooting out of your guitar. Or off your wings. I speak from experience. But that's neither here nor there. What I'm trying to point out is that I like the cover. It works. It works very well.

As for the book, I love love LOVE how Faerie is slightly off kilter and when someone says they have corn and bean soup they really mean candy corn on the cob and jelly bean soup. J.L. Bryan's imagination is like the kid in the candy store who bounces from bin to bin and wants to put his hands in all the sticky goodness. It's frantic and wild and a total trip to experience.

Without giving away too many details, things are definitely moving forward in the overall arc. Jason and Erin discover some interesting truths while on the hunt to rescue Jason's little sister, Mitch and Dred are dealing with missing half their band with a huge live show looming over them, and Aoide is within reach of her stolen instruments when a bombshell drops on her. Things happen, guys. BIG things.

This book ended on a suitably ominous note and it looks like Faerie and all her creatures are going to be in for a rough ride. As for me, I can't wait to see what diabolical critters J.L. Bryan comes up with next. *cue evil laugh*

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4. Fairyland - Paperback | Kindle

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  1. Another author that I have a book by but haven't read. Seriously Kelly, you must have gone through my Kindle and are trying to spur me on LOL

    Do you have magic kindle TBR powers?

  2. I'm not implying anything but... Yes. I sneak into your house at night and paw through your Kindle. *steeples fingers*
    *evil laugh*

    1. I knew it! That is why the dogs all shift about 2am to different sleeping positions and kick me in the ribs. They hear you LOL

    2. I'm kind of wondering why I didn't reply to your comment with my comment. That's what happens when I attempt to do things AS SOON AS I WAKE UP! Lol!

  3. I'm not reading your review until I catch up on the series because I've only read book # 1 so far...but I wanted to pop on to say that this is my fave cover so far! "It's goooooold!"

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulamtes