Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: The Catalyst by Zoe Winters

The Catalyst (Preternaturals #3) by Zoe Winters
Synopsis (Goodreads):
It started with one lost, shivering pup; it may end in a war...

Panthers don’t do responsibility. They don’t do long-term relationships. They definitely don’t raise kids. But when Z discovers a young wolf in the forest, he takes him in, unaware of the powerful beings hunting the pup.

Fiona is a witch who can’t leave her house; the birds have told her something bad will happen. The mailbox is as far as she’ll go, but even that may provide more danger than she’s bargained for. When a wolf pup stumbles into her garden, her safe, wrapped-up world heads for a free fall.

But along with danger, the pup brings a chance at love—a chance an agoraphobic witch and a bachelor panther shifter aren’t likely to find on their own.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Catalyst is an ensemble book that also features Jane and Cole (from Blood Lust) and Cain (from Blood Lust and Save My Soul)
My Thoughts: Oh, man. There were so many little things I liked about this book - Fiona's agoraphobia, her ineptitude in spell casting, her social awkwardness, Z and his rocking bachelor pad. Did I like the lengths Z went to to make sure Fiona would help him? Well... no, but it did shock her out of her very regimented life and forced her to reevaluate her fears. Frankly, the fact that she allowed the whisperings of the birds to dictate how far she was willing to walk from her front door tells me that she desperately needed a good shaking up.

Now, I did have some problems remembering who Jane and Cole were and how they fit into the overall world at first. It's been a while since I read the first book and their characters didn't pop into my head right away. However, once I placed them, I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting their tumultuous relationship. As long as I'm on the subject of reoccurring characters... Cain! Love the dude. His book is going to be so fun. I can't wait to see him fall and fall hard! And Father Hadrian. Wow. His story should be very interesting.

While I enjoyed the story overall, I wouldn't have minded a little more time spent with our hero and heroine. I do love the setup we're getting for the overriding arc but Fiona and Z were interesting and I felt like we spent a lot of time with Cain, the demons and the wolves when we could have been watching Fiona and Z get all tangled up emotionally in one another. Still, I did like the book and I'm excited by the hints we got about upcoming shenanigans.

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  1. Ensemble casts can be a bit problematic for me, especially if I adore the main characters and want to spend all my time with them. Great review!

    1. I *adored* one of the main demons in the ensemble so that was cool but I wanted more Fiona and Z!

  2. Agoraphobia? Now that sounds like it would make for an interesting book.

    1. It was. She could barely force herself to walk down to her mailbox. Until things went to hell and she was forced out of her comfort zone, that is.