Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Inside Out by Lauren Dane

Inside Out (Brown Siblings #3) by Lauren Dane
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Ella Tipton is a survivor. In the wake of an attack that nearly left her dead, she has spent each day putting her life back together. Once vibrant and outgoing, she's needed to reclaim the best parts of who she was while retaining the hard-won lessons. There hasn't been room for any romantic entanglements, even if she were ready. Still, it doesn't mean she has to stop sneaking looks at Mister Tall, Dark and Tattooed himself.

Security professional Andrew Copeland isn't quite sure when his jones for the lovely and decidedly skittish Ella developed. He's known her for years, has watched her triumph over the pain she's been dealt. Cope is no stranger to women, but he knows the nervous flush he gets every time he talks to Ella is different from any attraction he's had in the past. Determined to get Ella to let him in, Cope does the one thing he can think of to get close: he offers her hands-on training in self-defense.

While Ella's sure Cope is just being nice, the prospect of being able to touch him and and gain the tools to push away the last vestiges of her fear is more than she can resist. Soon enough, Cope shows Ella his feelings are far more than friendly, and he reignites something deep inside her. It isn't long before desire and love turn them both inside out.
My Thoughts: I swear to you that I say this every single review I write for a Lauren Dane book but I LOVE HER CHARACTERS SO DAMN MUCH! The women are strong enough to survive their own personal hells and the men are strong enough to be there for them when they need them the most. Plus... the men tend to have tattoos and piercings. Need I say more? I think not.

Cope and Ella are another fantastic example of a couple who are perfect for one another. It doesn't hurt that they're so damn hot they practically steam up every room they're in. Ella's fought her way back from a horrifying attack by an ex and she's finally reached a place where she's ready to have a relationship. Cope has had a serious crush on Ella since the first time he saw her but he's kept it to himself (or so he thinks) to give her time to heal both physically and emotionally. Their courtship (which sounds so wonderfully old fashioned, doesn't it?) is a sweet, lovely dance that builds on their friendship and explodes into something that take both of them by surprise.

Of course, the Brown siblings and their various partners and friends are there to support them and watch them light up when they get around one another. I honestly love the supporting cast of characters in this series so much. They're all fabulous. They step in when they're needed and step back when they're not. They offer advice and a shoulder to cry on. They hold each others' hands during a crisis and eat cake to celebrate the joyous moments.

This series as a whole is one of my favorites. I'm ready for sexy Adrian's story now.

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2. Coming Undone
3. Inside Out - Paperback | Kindle
4. Never Enough
5. Laid Open

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  1. *frowns deeply at you* Stop reading books that sound good and writing reviews that make me want to read them.

    1. No. I will not. This series is really fun. Oh, oh! And the first book is a menage book. *waggles eyebrows at you*

  2. The cover is freaking amazing. I'm with Amanda...Quit It!! My GR lists can't handle & keep up with you.

    1. All the covers for this series are awesome. The oldest Brown brother owns a tattoo parlor and all the characters have amazing tats because of it. <3 <3 <3

      Also, I will not quit it. It's all part of my diabolical plan to take over the world. *evil laugh*