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Review: Bloodhound by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Bloodhound (Rise of the Unseelie #4) by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Donovan rescued the earthborns. Protected them. Gave them shelter from the predators who would feast on their blood and Sidhe magic.

That time is over.

Time for the earthborns to train. To fight back. To reclaim what is theirs.

Time to show the world what it means to be Unseelie.
My Thoughts: I’ve been invested in Malcolm’s story since he made his first appearance. His lack of knowledge at his heritage, what he endured before Donovan rescued him, his fury at the way he was used all combined to make him a powder keg of emotion. That he finally got some closure with his father made me incredibly happy. He’s finding a place among the other Earthborn and he has a skill that is highly prized by Donovan himself. If he’s not careful, he just might end up becoming a well-adjusted member of Unseelie society.

But it’s not all about Malcolm. Donovan is pushing the other Earthborn to develop their powers. They’re awkward and they don’t always know what they’re doing but they’re making advances. Donovan is drawing more and more of the surviving Unseelie to him and he’s making the most of their skills.

Overlapping with the events in Enchanted, things are coming to a head and the major players are beginning to interact. Malcolm is volatile, Donovan is a born leader and London had best watch her back. Things are tense and they’re only going to get worse.

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Bloodhound (Rise of the Unseelie #4) - Kindle

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