Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Divided by Kimberly Montague

Divided (Setenid Blight #2) by Kimberly Montague
Synopsis (Goodreads):
After surviving the first wave of the Setenid Blight Infection, Piper “Evie” Kenley is expected to return to her normal life. But evading the grasp of murdering Infecteds seems small in comparison to surviving the heartache of being apart from the love of her life, Devlin Vaughn.

This isn’t an ordinary long distance romance, though. Devlin has been taken from her by the military and used, along with other non-psychotic Infecteds to fight the murdering, out-of-control Infecteds sweeping across the nation. Now, Evie must use courage and intellect to locate Dev before it's too late, all while battling the dangers that seem to be stalking her every move.
My Thoughts: I don't know how she does it but Kimberly Montague makes me crave Evie and Dev like you wouldn't believe. I want them to find a way out of the horror they're in so that they can be together SO BADLY. I hurt for them, guys. HURT! Evie's emotional breakdown at being apart from Dev made me teary. Dev's shining love for her, the fact that Evie had no pictures of the two of them together... *weeps*

I love that we're getting to see the beginning of the end here. The world is on the verge of falling apart and everyone's trying to go on like it's business as usual. The division between what the government is telling the public is happening and what really is happening is shiver-worthy. Evie, having insider information from both living through the first outbreak and from what Dev has managed to tell her, knows that things are much worse than they seem. Her ability to cull through the information being allowed out of the hot zones and figure out what's what is one of the things that's going to keep her family and friends alive as things go from bad to worse.

The storytelling is heartfelt, the horror is gruesome and the love between Evie and Dev is endless. I am smitten with this series in the biggest way and the ending just about killed me. The lights are about to go out on the world and I plan on having a front row seat!

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  1. I'm not normally a big zombie person (aside from the occasional odd zombie dream, of course), but this book/series sounds rather interesting. I am intrigued.

    1. I was smitten with the main characters. SMITTEN! It's less about zombies, btw, than two people trying to survive when a really awful situation springs up. I'm pretty sure I said nearly the exact same thing in the review that's going up for the 3rd book later today.