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Review: Manipulated by Kimberly Montague

Manipulated (Setenid Blight) by Kimberly Montague
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Two months ago, high school senior, Risa Neely had it all going for her: good friends, a good education, and a supportive mother. But all that changed the night her new stepfather attacked her. When her friends and even her own mother believe her stepfather's twisted lies, she has no other alternative but to turn to her absentee father.

Just when she thinks she's been able to move on and carve out a very safe, albeit lonely existence, bad-boy Brodie Decker, the school's hottest man-whore, literally knocks her off her feet. Drawn to the way she's completely unimpressed by him, Brodie knows she hides herself behind a mask and is determined to get underneath it. But he's blindsided by the connection they feel for each other.

Can Brodie accept Risa as a permanent fixture in his life? Can Risa trust Brodie enough to tell him her awful secrets? And will their connection be enough to hold them together when their friends, family members, and entire city are pulled under a deadly Setenid Blight quarantine?
My Thoughts: I can't lie to you: I am IN LOVE with this series. Kimberly Montague gave us Evie and Dev in the first two books and now we have Brodie and Risa. Brodie and his flippant, devil may care attitude and Risa and her sarcasm and issues.

I think one of the biggest things I like about this series is that the romances and characters are fully developed before the outbreak hits. This isn't a series about an outbreak with a little romance. It's about romance that happens to blossom right before an outbreak happens. These characters are given something to live for and they fight for it. They aren't willing to give in and let a pesky little zombification infection slow them down. Oh, no. They love each other and they're willing to fight their way past maddened, flesh eating infecteds to be together.

Let's talk about these characters for a minute. Brodie is fabulous. He's flawed. He has a reputation. He likes the ladies for short term, no strings attached affairs and he has no plans to change his ways. Risa intrigues him. She's sarcastic and she doesn't want to be his flavor of the week. So, she snipes. Her stubbornness at trying to hold him at arm's length is what holds his attention. The closer she gets to him, the more layers she sees. I really, really, really loved these two together. They both have issues they need to work through and they complement each other so well that it's hard NOT to imagine them together.

As Brodie and Risa are starting to forge a connection, the Setenid Blight outbreak is marching across the country. When it hits Albuquerque, it hits hard. Brodie and Risa and their assorted friends and family are thrown in the middle of something they really don't understand. They have no choice but to fight, so they do. It's chilling and heartbreaking and I loved every second of it. I am just... smitten by everything Kimberly Montague has thrown at us so far. I want to know about ALL the different outbreaks now.

And by all things small and furry, I hope, hope, hope that we see more of Brodie and Risa in the future!

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1. Altered
2. Divided
3. Manipulated - Paperback | Kindle

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