Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Goldie and the Three Doms by Patricia Green

Goldie and the Three Doms by Patricia Green
Synopsis (Goodreads)
Meet Goldie. She’s a determined young woman, tired of men for whom pedicures are foreplay. She makes it her mission to find a dominant man to make her dreams come true. The search takes her to Bear Island where she encounters Doms either too soft or too harsh. Will she never find one who is just right?

Markus Masterton is waiting for just the right submissive woman. He’s got his paddle ready, but it looks like he’ll linger on Bear Island for a lot longer than he’d like.
Out Thoughts:
Amanda: "You're not orgasming, are you?""Um. No, Bob."

Kelly: Bob was too soft. Wait. Not that type of soft. His touch was too soft.

Amanda: I'm laughing at all alliteration, too.

Kelly: I like Bob and Goldie's safe word. I can't even pronounce it. How the hell is someone supposed to shout that out in the heat of the moment?

Amanda: PRESTIDIGITATION! Yeah. I don't know. Good thing Bob bored her and she moved on to Raul. (Or not so good thing for her bum?)

Kelly: Yeah. She didn't like the crop as much as she thought she would, did she?

Amanda: She thought it was sexy at first. And the pony thing reminded me of this one episode of Bones where the murder victim was into the same thing. But, that's not the point. The point is that Raul was a bit too kinky for Goldie.

Kelly: Too hard, as the case might be. No, wait. Well, yes. But I don't mean it that way.

Amanda: Too hard on her bottom. But! Then she met Markus.

Kelly: And Markus was juuuuuuust right. He found her sweet spot and everything. What a gentleman.

Amanda: He did find her sweet spot. But, you know, only after she asked nicely.

Kelly: And said Sir. I'm so glad that Goldie got her Happily Ever After with someone who didn't like to paint her toes during a Saturday night date. Hot Dom to the rescue!

Amanda: Yes. But, really. What kind of guy DOES paint his girl's toenails during a Saturday night date? Mine certainly doesn't.

Kelly: The men of Femville do, obviously. Which is why Goldie had to go to Bear Island to find her man.

Amanda: Please remind me never to take my land speeder to Femville.

Kelly: *makes mental note*

Goldie and the Three Doms was a free Kindle download we picked up 9/15/12.


  1. I don't even have words for this one. Thank goodness the author is dealing with men, though, and not bears. I mean the Snow White one with the (hairy) dwarfs was just ... odd.

    1. Lol! Good point. I like how you found the positive in this book!

  2. bwaahahah....(I really should look up how to spell that sound).

    That peen is to soft, but this peen is just right. :D

  3. I am just going to say that isn't a safe word---that is a test! How does one yell that? How does one pronounce that? :)

    Y'all crack me up!

    1. THAT was my exact question. I can't even work my head around that word.