Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: My Encounter with Two Firemen by Javier Reinheart

My Encounter with Two Firemen by Javier Reinheart
Synopsis (Amazon):
Megan's dry spell was beginning to run her rugged. It seemed as if every Saturday she managed to embarrass herself just enough to go home alone. Grad school was stressing her out, and she needed a release to get her needs met.

After the typical Saturday night of dancing, drinking and walking home without a man, Megan took solace in the firefighters stationed by her apartment. They were often there, waving to her in their tight t-shirts and chiseled faces. Seeing those smiling boys always put her in a much-needed happy mood. It was only a matter of time before Megan reached her breaking point and stopped in to introduce herself. Let's just hope more than one of them is on duty tonight, she's got a lot of built up frustration to work out...
Our Thoughts:
Amanda:  O.O

Kelly: Y U make that face? Sweaty, dirty sex with two firemen in the middle of their break room doesn't do it for you?

Amanda: The fireman came all over her face. Though, maybe that was her thing. Being stuffed by firemen's cocks, then having them come all over her.

Kelly: Well, Scruffy was a little more dominant than Buzzcut. He wanted to show Megan that he was large (BOY, was he large!) and in charge.

Amanda: I have to say, I was not surprised at all that they both had large penises. At all. Did you notice that Megan never learned the names of the firemen? It was just Scruffy and Buzzcut the whole time. In fact, she even introduces herself, and then Buzzcut is like, "Nice to meet you," and then goes to take a shower.

Kelly:  I did notice that. It made it a little naughtier, I think. Can you imagine her yelling out "Oh, BUZZCUT! Give it to me HARD!" in the middle of their interlude. I'm laughing so hard thinking about it that I can hardly breathe! HA!

Amanda: Ha. I think Buzzcut was her favorite, to be honest. Scruffy was a little rough.

Kelly: Scruffy was rough, but she liked it. To an extent. She liked it because Buzzcut was there to temper his roughness. She really got nailed, didn't she? There seemed to be a lot of screaming and moaning.

Amanda: Scruffy wins the biggest peen award, too. But yes! She got nailed! Doesn't she nearly pass out and one of them says, "Is she okay?" and the other says, "Yeah, I think so. Just keep going. We'll watch her."?

Kelly: Ha! Yes. That's exactly what they said. And then they finished and she was all sticky and needed a shower. That's some good sexin' if it knocked her for a loop like that.

Amanda: You know, I'm beginning to suspect those firemen have done this before. Or else they're just that close. Either way....

Kelly:  Are you saying that they were very smooth at the double teaming? Because, yeah, they were.

Amanda: That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't think Megan minded, though. In fact, I think she rather enjoyed herself.

Kelly:  Well, she did pass out and get splattered with man-jam. If that's not enjoyable, I don't know what is.

Amanda: O.O

My Encounter with Two Firemen was a free Kindle download we picked up 09/22/12.


  1. Oh. Dear. Sweet. Baby Jesus. *catches breath from laughing* Love that she never even learned their names. Scratch that itch, girl!

    But... what in the world does "run her rugged" mean? Isn't it supposed to be ragged? (is that how you spell it?) Ah, self-pubs. Gotta love 'em. (This is a self-pub, isn't it?)

    1. Perhaps rugged refers to the condition of her skin. On her hands. Because that's the only way she was getting it. Before she got stuffed full of firemen cock, anyway.

    2. Ha! Well, Buzzcut and Scruffy lotioned her right up with their creamy deposits. She's no longer rugged.

  2. Ha ha ... I'm not sure which is better -- the ice cream guy or the two firemen. This one definitely sounds ... messy.

    1. You're not wrong. There was much mess left. Much.Mess.

  3. Love it! I gotta be honest if I lived across the street from the fire dept full of hotness I would have introduced myself before I got desperate. Silly girl.

  4. Author (Javier Reinheart) here, got a kick out of reading this! Thanks for the download :).