Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Rose and the Alien by Nikki Palmer

Rose and the Alien by Nikki Palmer
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Rose is sick of using her vibrator so she does as a friend suggests and looks through some ads for casual hookups on a website. She finds one from someone claiming to be an alien. The ad makes her laugh, so she responds to it. When he arrives, he's very strange. Is he really an alien trying to study human females?
Our Thoughts:
Amanda: Rose just wanted a hard cock. It's nice when a woman knows what she wants.

Kelly: Well, when you spend all your free time with a vibrator buried in your cooch, you end up knowing what you want. She wanted the cock. Oh, did she want it!

Amanda: She wanted it enough to be charmed by an allegedly stupid alien. Though I would say that he was more clueless than stupid. At least he was packing a TEN INCH COCK!

Kelly: I have to admit that I was pretty charmed by him. He made me laugh. Quite heartily. And then he pulled out his MONSTER COCK and everything was right in the world again. The big cock strikes again!

Amanda: He was quite charming. He had all these lines like, "You have a very attractive feminine form. It is making my genitalia harden acceptably. Would you like me to insert it into your vagina?" (Loc 58-59) With an offer like that, how you can you refuse? And then there was the surprise anal sex fakeout. Poor alien (Neek is his name) had the wrong hole at first.

Kelly: Ahh, yes. The surprise anal sex fakeout. I was actually a little surprised that it *was* just a fakeout. Although I think Rose was a little relieved about that. The monster cock barely fit into the right hole, imagine the damage he could have done with the backdoor. That's something you work up to, I'd think.

Amanda: I think she might get that, eventually. But let's talk about the Neek's stamina. Two hours, fifteen minutes and she orgasmed SEVENTEEN times! Now that is some serious lovin'.

Kelly: And AND it was the first time he'd done that. He not only had stamina, he had GREAT instincts. We should all be so lucky with the aliens we pick up on the internet.

Amanda: AND HE CHANGED COLORS WITH EACH THRUST! (That's pretty special.)

Kelly: I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! That was the moment that really drove it home (so to speak) that Neek was an alien and he was screwing her brains out. It turned her on even more to see this proof of his alienness.

Amanda: Yup. As if the space suit that disappeared because Neek thought it away wasn't enough. And THEN. AND THEN! What did you think about the day after Rose's sexual encounter with the alien?

Kelly: AWKWARD! Nothing says embarrassing like having your sexual exploits with an alien shown to EVERYONE!

Amanda: This is true. However. HOWEVER. The alien needed her. Don't you think that what he needed Rose for makes up for having her sexual exploits shown to everyone?

Kelly: Let's see: One day of embarrassment versus three months of non-stop boning on the mothership. Umm... she's definitely the winner in this scenario.

Amanda: Winner, winner, cock for dinner! (No need for that vibrator now.)

Kelly: Bwahahahaha! PLUS.. she's providing a valuable service to the aliens, seeing as how her juices help lubricate their ship. HER LIFE HAS PURPOSE NOW!

Rose and the Alien was a free ARE download we picked up on 10/06/12.


  1. Sounds hilarious.

  2. I downloaded this one recently after seeing it added to Kelly's TBR on GR. It sounds ... interesting. Personally, I think I'm most interested in the fact that the alien changes colour with every thrust! That's special.

    1. Well, Neek is a special kind of guy. He can go for hours. Like the Energizer Bunny. *finger guns*

  3. Her juices lubricate the mothership?!?!? Funny.

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