Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Corpse Days by Jonathon Kane

Corpse Days by Jonathon Kane
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Is this the end of the world? Is the Rapture upon us? Has a Zombie Apocalypse arrived? That's a matter of opinion, but it doesn't hurt to be a licensed Shooter in these uncertain times.

Meet Stan Norton - a middle-aged Shooter with a haunting past. He wants little to do with the living dead, and less to do with the living, until that is, a mysterious young woman with an affinity for guns and martial arts enters his life. An adventure begins, and the hunt is on for a reclusive enemy, as the clock ticks down toward a full-blown resurgence of the Corpse Days.
My Thoughts: I liked this one. It had a lovely edge of desperation as people tried to get on with their lives while insanity and death were happening around them. It had a team of folks who could be kick ass if they knew what they were really up against. It had a tough heroine. It had a damaged man who has buried his pain under years of killing the infected. In short, it was dark and gritty, bloody and wonderfully gruesome.

Stan's story was one that worked. He's locked a part of himself away since his daughter was killed. He kills the things that need killing. He's honest and fair. He doesn't mess with the law. When Heather talks him into accompanying her, he finds himself in a new situation while relying on the same old skills. Heather... well, I can't say that she confused me, but I have to wonder if she's been given all the facts for her mission. When the zombie apocalypse hits, I don't know that I'd trust the government to tell me everything they knew.

A straightforward story of death, blood, guts, and a very bad man who wants to do very bad things. I always say that nothing says fun like a whole lot of zombie killing!

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