Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Gangbusters by Michele Hart

Gangbusters (I-Marshal Stories) by Michele Hart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Daniel Tierney and his fellow I-Marshals take down the organizations producing the most dangerous substance in the Alliance. But reporter Faith Vedder turns up at the worst times, including Danny’s near-assassination. He’s had enough of her interference and requires her source of information.

Faith won’t tell him anything that compromises her Pulitzer-worthy story, not even under the magic of hot attraction. She doesn’t know she’s surrounded by fallen angels at war. Danny’s not finished making demands. She doesn’t understand until a giant, snorting, winged monster slobbers down her back, threatening to flay her.

The gangbusters can’t delay in their mission to shut down gangs until Danny learns the new criminal kingpin of their world is a man who once held Faith’s heart. In the guise of a gangland executioner named Heretic, Danny will destroy him. Even if it destroys Faith.

Angels are watching. Demons are plotting. Faith is the key.
My Thoughts: I liked this book from the beginning. Sure, I had a few problems keeping the names straight (not uncommon with me when characters have nicknames that have nicknames) (also, when people can jump bodies. That just flummoxes me.) but I liked how dark and dangerous this world was. You never know who to trust or who's telling the truth or, when they are telling the truth, how much they're leaving out. It makes all their interactions so deliciously tense.

Danny was intriguing. Faith was almost too focused on getting her story (to the point where she was doing stupid things and risking her life). The two of them together certainly knew how to tear up the sheets. The other I-Marshals were fun, sexy, and full of awesome. The bad guys were bad in a way that made serial killers look like harmless kittens. Although (if I'm being completely honest), the good guys had their moments of darkness, too. Dark darkness. The type that leaves blood splatter and viscera in its wake.

Probably my biggest complaint (next to not being able to remember which nicknames belonged to which character -- which is entirely a me-thing), is that when I went to hunt down what order these books were in, I couldn't figure it out. This was more to satisfy my own curiosity, mind you, since this book does work without knowing the world. I like to read series I enjoy in order to get the full effect. I'm crazy like that.

Enjoyable, dark, dangerous, and full of blood and guts. And demons. And angels.

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  1. Nicknames that have nicknames? That's...not confusing.

    Also: DARK DARKNESS! Fun!

    1. That's right: Dark darkness! Take that, light darkness! You will not prevail!

  2. ^^ i loved this book and series!!