Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Jenny Plague-Bringer by J.L. Bryan

Jenny Plague-Bringer (The Paranormals #4) by J.L. Bryan
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jenny has survived in seclusion for the past year, but her peace is about to be shattered by two new paranormals, each of them with unknown intentions, both of them searching for Jenny and Seth.

The nightmares of Jenny’s most recent past life in the 1930’s erupt into the present, and she will face enemies old and new. Jenny is more vulnerable than ever, because she can’t use her pox without risking the small life now growing inside her.

Jenny’s entire life has led up to the challenge she must now face, one that will endanger her life, her unborn child, and her own soul.
My Thoughts: Whew! I thought we had closure with the end of the 3rd book. You know, since (most of) the bad guys got what was coming to them and Jenny and Seth had a chance at a normal life. Okay, at least it was as normal a life as someone who can't touch anyone without infecting them with vile, vile diseases could expect to have. Oh, and I guess being declared legally dead and having to hide their real identities sucked. And that whole "can't see their parents again thing" isn't *exactly* normal, but OTHER THAN THAT. Anyway. I must admit that this book did Jenny justice. She got to show both her badass, disease spewing side and the side of her that's determined to do the right thing and not be a mass murderer. Hey, we all have issues in life. Jenny just deals with the big issues. The really big, maybe-I-should-kill-them-and-maybe-I-shouldn't issues.

I really enjoyed the parallels between the present and Jenny's life in the 30s. These poor Paranormals don't have it easy no matter what skin they wear and the more we see the more we come to understand that all the power they hold is more a curse than a blessing if it falls into the wrong hands. Even Seth, the healer, is forced to used his ability against his will. For someone like Jenny (and her previous self, Juliana), it's even worse. And now I'm redacting a big, spoiler-esque sentence so I don't give anything away. You're welcome.

Jenny has grown so much as a character since the first book. Her pregnancy isn't the blessing it might seem on the surface. Knowing what she knows of her touch, she's afraid to grow attached to her baby and to entertain the thought that maybe this time things will work out. I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything would be just fine. But then, you know, I'd end up infected with a horrible, horrible illness so, really, hugging = not a good idea.

All in all, I was very excited to have a chance to revisit Jenny and Seth and see what they've been up to since we left them last. A little sex (more than a little, really), a little death (more than a little there, too), and a very intriguing look at the two of them in a past life (there might have been some others involved in that past life, in case you were wondering) left me a very, very happy girl.

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  1. I picked this one for you to read! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  2. I really need to keep reading this series! I read the first book and loved it and have heard nothing but good things about the rest of the books. It must be done!

    1. I like how dark this series is. So wonderfully creepy and gross on occasion.