Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Sliding Home by Kate Angell

Sliding Home (Richmond Rogues #4) by Kate Angell
Synopsis (Goodreads):
WHO’D BEEN SLEEPING IN KASON RHODES’S BED? The left fielder for the Richmond Rogues had returned from six weeks of spring training in Florida to find someone had moved into his mobile home. That person was presently in his shower. And no matter how sexy the squatter might be, Kason wanted her out.

He had his trusty dobie, Cimarron; he didn’t need anyone else in his life. Not even a stubborn tomboy who roused all kinds of wild reactions in him, then soothed his soul with peace offerings of home-cooked meals and kindness. The bad boy of baseball was ready to play hardball if need be, but with Dayne Sheridan firmly planted between his sheets, he found himself. . .SLIDING HOME
My Thoughts: I went into this book looking for something light and fun. I am pleased to say that I was given exactly that. Although I'm not a huge fan of either contemporary romance or story lines involving sports, I liked Kason's surly attitude and his no holds barred approach to doing what he loved. Plus, his teammates were a freaking hoot!

So... Kason. Crappy childhood, pretty darn antisocial, totally focused on getting what he wants. Dayne's unexpected appearance in his house throws him for a loop. As much as he wants to get rid of her, he keeps stalling and finding ways to extend her stay. And, man, does he love her butterscotch pudding. That's not a euphemism. He loves butterscotch pudding. She makes it for him.

Speaking of Dayne, part of me liked that she was so determined to stay in Kason's "abandoned" mobile home and part of me kept shaking my head in disbelief. In the end, her stubbornness put her in the path of what she needed but it took a while for me to warm up to that part of her.

I really liked all of Kason's teammates. I liked Rhaden and Revelle's romance (especially their interlude with the poison ivy) and Psycho and Kason's animosity. It was fun watching all the interactions and the sly digs as the Rogues worked to come together as a team after some mid-season replacements.

All in all, it was fun. Even if it was a contemporary, sports-driven romance without a whiff of the paranormal. *thumbs up*

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  1. Replies
    1. *finger guns* He slides home a few times one night. *holsters my guns and gives you a skeezy wink*

  2. I love sports settings with romances. I can't read them back to back but they are fun inbetweeners :)

    I do love the title!

    1. I enjoy them when I read them but they're not the type of books I automatically reach for when I'm hunting for a new book. Still, I appreciate the hard bodies that populate the pages.

  3. It's funny because I absolutely hate sports, but I do like stories that involve sports. They're great!

    And I loove the title!