Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Touched by Darkness Anthology

Touched by Darkness Anthology
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Twelve tales of horror that delve into the shadows secreted within...and the darkness that stalks beyond.

“Trust” by Peter Giglio
“Attachment” by Dee Pratt
“Dreaming, Not Sleeping” by Julia Kavan
“Evelyn Thayer” by Ronn E Taylor
“In My Lady's Chamber” by Catherine Cavendish
“Masked” by Matthew Cherry
“Black Habits” by Elson Meehan
“Be Seeing You” by Keith Melton
“Stew” by Patrick Anderson Jr.
“Teaching Man” by Nell DuVall
“The Dead Hate the Living” by Thomas Gueli
“We Shadows Have Offended” by K.W. Taylor
My Thoughts: While not all the stories hit a creep factor high with me, this was a pleasant way to wile away a few hours. Well, pleasant if you like ghosties and ghoulies and people who do very bad things. Which I do.

Standouts include "Masked" (downright creepy on so many levels), "In My Lady's Chamber" (the rotting manor home was practically a character itself), "The Dead Hate the Living" (I just... yuck and ouch and OMG!TAKE MY FREAKING BRAIN OUT WHEN I DIE!), "Be Seeing You" (oddly lyrical for such a dark subject), and "We Shadows Have Offended" (What the what? Death, dismemberment, and - oh, look! - the thing that goes bump in the night is REALLY NASTY AND BAD!).

Keep your eyes open and don't trust strange men needing shelter and I'm sure you'll do just fine reading this.

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  1. What if the strange men are also #NakedWerewolves?

    1. Well, as you know, #NakedWerewolves are always welcome in my house. So... yeah. Do with that what you will.