Saturday, November 3, 2012

Amanda and Kelly review: Riding Red Hood by Adrianna White

Riding Red Hood by Adrianna White
Synopsis (Amazon) (Goodreads):
The story of Little Red Hood and the Big Bad Wolf begins with our hero in the woods, only Red doesn’t even know he’s there. The road is treacherous and she finds herself running from a band of cannibalistic tribesmen. That’s where she meets the misunderstood wolf and is spared from the life of a slave, or worse.
Our Thoughts:
Kelly: Umm... cannibals. CANNIBALS!

Amanda: How do we know they were cannibals? First they were tribesmen, then they were cannibals. It escalated pretty quickly.

Kelly: I don't... know. They were cannibalistic, hill billy tribesmen. Red was pretty sure of that. Wasn't she?

Amanda: She was. She sure knows her cannibalistic, hill billy tribesmen, that's for sure.

-pause as we continue reading-

Kelly: What.The.Fuck.

Amanda: *stares at you*

Kelly: What was... and then the... WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

Amanda: Fredrick may have been a wee bit jealous?

Kelly: You think? I'm going to go on record as saying that the "plan" that Kull and Red came up with was the STUPIDEST PLAN EVER. Just...*headdesk*

Amanda: Never, ever split up with your #NakedWerewolf when he is being hunted by your douche canoe fiance.

Kelly: Seriously, Amanda, I don't know what to say about this story. I can't wrap my head around the ending or Red's bi-polar emotional mood-swings (she's mad at Fredrick for not believing her about the cannibals, she's suddenly okay with him, she's mad at Fredrick again for making her go to the police, she's suddenly okay with him) or THE ENDING.

Amanda: What about the sex? Did you find the sex satisfactory?

Kelly: The sex was good. It was probably helped along by the massive doses of adrenaline Red was sporting after being chased by cannibals and grizzly bears and ... oh, I guess those were the only things that attacked her, weren't they? I must say that I was impressed by the way Red fountained all over the place and Kull spewed like a volcano. Good times. Good times.

Amanda: Yes. Red had waterworks down her thighs, if I recall correctly. Kull and Red were very much star-crossed lovers, though, weren't they? Their little death was followed by a larger one.

Kelly: Niiiiice. They also got to cuddle in the woods. Naked. With the bugs. While being hunted. And people say romance is dead!

Amanda: I would have liked to see more sexin' and less romancin'. This was erotica, right? For an ending like that, there was NOT enough sex.

Kelly: I agree. Now, this is the second werewolf erotica story we've read where I wasn't all that impressed with the amount of dirty, animal lovin' that took place. Next time: MOAR SEXIN'!

Amanda: Actually, two RED RIDING HOOD retellings that have been lacking in the sexin'. This cannot stand!

Kelly: I vow to thee that we shall hunt down the good, dirty werewolf sexin' and pay it homage!

Riding Red Hood was a free Kindle download we picked up on 10/10/12.


  1. I'm thinking that Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other had better animal sex than this one, no? And it's not even erotica!!

    Good thing your adventure was free!! Thanks for taking the hit for us on this one...

    1. Any of the IAD books, really. Come to think of it, I'm going to read the Warlord Wants Forever today. That one's nice and short. And sexy. Rawr!

  2. Waterworks down her legs, huh? Hmm. And sex in the woods, with the bugs, while being hunted? Nope! No pressure there!

    I have the Kresley Cole series, Kristin's talking about! Well, the first book on audio ... I'll be sure to give that one a go.

    1. Yep. Waterworks. She really enjoyed her time in the woods!