Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge

2013 Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge hosted by On a Book Bender & Reading the Paranormal
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This challenge is to read a minimum of 100 free ebooks between January 1st and December 31st. (I'm aiming to be an Extreme Couponer, guys!)

This is the page where I'll track the different books I read for this challenge.

248/100 books

1. Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare by Lexi Maxxwell
2. The Vampire From Hell: The Beginning by Ally Thomas
3. A Dark Grave by J.A. Souders
4. Hunter's Choice by Shiloh Walker
5. Kissing Phoenix by Shona Husk
6. Highlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker
7. Cat's Meow by Nicole Austin
8. Kaibab Unbound by Kevin Hearne
9. Contract to Pleasure by Beverly Havlir
10. 44 by Jools Sinclair
11. Front Man by Adora Bell
12. Spanking Ms. Whitman by Kate Richards
13. Salon Slut Swallows by Lexi Maxxwell
14. Fucking on Campus by Lexi Maxxwell
15. Babysitter Blues by Tawna Bickley
16. Double Penetration in the Elevator by Dominique Angel
17. Jungle Fever - Part 1 by Hazel Hunter
18. A Tentacle For Every Hole by C.J. Smalls
19. Captured By Her Horny Beast by Kate Hampton
20. Her Mad Hatter by Marie Hall
21. Hot and Dangerous by Rebecca York
22. Candy Store by Bella Andre
23. Not Quite Casper by Mercy Loomis
24. Dancing With the Duke by Suzanna Medeiros
25. Cabel's Story by Lisa McMann
26. The Dark Lifer's Revenge by Linda Joy Singleton
27. Arctic Exposure - Part 1 by Hazel Hunter
28. Desert Thirst - Part 1 by Hazel Hunter

29. The Dragon's Sex Slave by Lolita Davis
30. Under His Roof by Sadey Quinn
31. A Knight In Her Arms by Evie North
32. Lipstick and Leather by Cheyenne McCray
33. Demon's Offer by Tamara Clay
34. The New Deputy in Town by B.J. Daniels
35. Dagger's Edge by Brenna Zinn
36. The Phantom and the Psychic by Sophia Jones
37. Prelude to a Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder
38. Disarm by June Gray
39. Sweet Pleasure by McKenna Chase
40. Passion Next Door by Cara Carnes
41. Under His Hands by Michelle Fox
42. Ultimatum by Gemma James
43. Right Moves by Ava McKnight
44. Two Cowboys and One Girl by Danica Williams
45. Club Nightshade by Selena Sexton
46. The Final Wish by Tracey O'Hara
47. Star Kissed by Cat Scofield
48. Reaper's Justice by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
49. Melting Point by Shelli Stevens
50. Room With a View: Hot Down Under by Kylie Scott
51. A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards
52. Nyssa's Guardian by Reese Gabriel
53. Boots and Chaps by Myla Jackson
54. Valentine's Day Virgin by Maria Taylor
55. Croc and the Fox by Eve Langlais
56. Scandal and Sin by Lynn LaFleur
57. Time Thief by Anna Hackett
58. Hybrid's Love by Seraphina Donavan
59. Magnetism by Kim Knox
60. Teasing Trent by Minx Malone
61. Red by Kate SeRine
62. Carnal Desires by D.L. Jackson
63. Carnal Attraction by D.L. Jackson
64. Carnal Denial by D.L. Jackson
65. Wesley and the Sex Zombies by Portia Da Costa
66. Coyote Heat by Desiree Holt
67. Jonesin' For Action by Samantha Cayto
68. Amber Moon by Ann Mayburn
69. Emerald Moon by Ann Mayburn
70. Turquoise Moon by Ann Mayburn
71. Onyx Moon by Ann Mayburn
72. Amethyst Moon by Ann Mayburn
73. Let the Wild Out by Madelyn Porter
74. Unleashed Temptation by Savannah Stuart
75. Mate of the Werewolf by J.S. Scott
76. Bound to the Night by Kelly Wallace
77. Mountain Wilds part 1 by Hazel Hunter
78. Gray Moon Rising by S.M. Reine
79. Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles
80. Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Ann Charles
81. Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles

82. Lavender Vows by Colleen Gleason
83. Riding with the Cop by J.S. Scott
84. Pack Mistress #1 by Evelyn Lafont
85. Blind Date Teddy Bear by Mimi Strong
86. While She Was Sleeping by Audrey Grace
87. Gardens in the Rain by Virginia Pink
88. Bad Girl Lessons by Seraphina Donavan
89. Cabel's Story by Lisa McMann
90. Destined for Harmony by Leia Shaw
91. Released by Kerrigan Byrne
92. Thrown to the Wolves by Tina Grace
93. Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden
94. Demon's Kiss by V.J. Devereaux
95. Bound in Sin by Cynthia Eden
96. C791 by Eve Langlais
97. Roan's Fall by Marisa Chenery
98. Defending Serenity by Loribelle Hunt
99. A Bit of Bite by Cynthia Eden
100. Jagger's Moves by Allie Standifer
101. Invasion Earth by Loribelle Hunt
102. Melting Ice by Nicole Austin
103. Beyond Denial by Kit Rocha
104. Ghost of a Chance by Caridad Pineiro
105. Lust by Moonbeam by Cynthia Sax
106. Touching Ghost by Regina Carlyse
107. All I Want For Christmas is a Werewolf by J.S. Scott
108. A Curve of Claw by R.E. Butler
109. Conquering Zeus by Cerise DeLand
110. Milked by Bigfoot by Jess Green
111. Phallus of the Stone God by Celia Demure

112. Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd
113. In Heat by Sydney Michkal
114. Strength in Numbers by Reagan Hawk
115. Runaway Virgin by L.C. Dean
116. The Horny Minotaur by Nikita King
117. Whipped Puppy by L.C. Dean
118. Forbidden Blood by Felicity Heaton
119. Public Adoration by L.C. Dean
120. Fucked in the Woods by Natalie Deschain
121. Text Me by K.J. Reed
122. In the Dorm by Della July
123. The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack
124. The Pharaoh and the Curator by Sophia Jones
125. Turned and Bound by Yoli Kim
126. Werewolves are Diabolical by A.C. Greenlee
127. The Hermit by Shayne McClendon
128. The Misbehaving Marquess by Leigh LaValle
129. Mated to the Prince by Clara Bright
130. Death Comes in Her by Faith Frost
131. Last Dance by Linda Joy Singleton

132. Banging the Boy Next Door by Katy Baker
133. In the Moonlight by Veronica Bates
134. Viking's Orders by Anne Marsh
135. Reveal Me by Cari Quinn
136. A Werewolf in Office Clothing by Naoko Smith
137. The Awakening by Alexx Andria
138. Chosen by K. Matthew
139. Rebound by Sabrina York
140. Sian's Solution by Dale Mayer
141. Alex and the Werewolf by K. Matthew
142. Wild Instincts by Claudia King
143. Kiss of Flame by Madelene Martin
144. Pack Justice by Michele Fox
145. The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan
146. Bound to Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton
147. Through the Wall by Keri Ford

148. Web of Death by Jennifer Estep
149. Tangled Dreams by Jennifer Estep
150. Spider's Nemesis by Jennifer Estep
151. Web of Deceit by Jennifer Estep
152. Wasted by Jennifer Estep
153. Parlor Tricks by Jennifer Estep
154. Spider's Bargain by Jennifer Estep
155. Poison by Jennifer Estep
156. Tangled Schemes by Jennifer Estep
157. Taken by Tarzan by A. Cross
158. The Babysitter and the Beast by Ana Meadows
159. Demon Fire by Ann Kellett
160. Corbin's Captive by Emma Paul
161. Temporary Arrangement by Karen Erickson
162. A Window or a Small Box by Jedediah Berry
163. The Elephant in the Room by Paul Cornell
164. Mystic Ink by Casey Wyatt
165. Ruler by A.C. James
166. Cum for Bigfoot by Virginia Wade
167. Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds by Dixon Heurass
168. Porn & Revolution in the Peaceable Kingdom by Micaela Morissette
169. A Visit to the House on Terminal Hill by Elizabeth Knox
170. Cinderella - The Wicked Truth by Kelli Wolfe
171. Playing with Fire - The Dragon's Trophy by Madelene Martin
172. Going Berserk by Alexandra O'Hurley
173. The Riding Crop by Karyn Gerrard
174. Overkill by Larissa Ione
175. With Just Cause by Jackie Ivie
176. Wounded by Cindy Stark
177. Untamed Hunger by Aubrey Ross
178. Jake and the Other Girl by Emmy Laybourne
179. Reluctant by Kerrigan Byrne
180. Pillaged by the Viking by Vivian Leigh
181. Nightfall by Laura Griffin
182. When Tentacles Took My Virginity by C.J. Smalls

183. Cowboy Up by Melissa Schroeder
184. Wicked Sexy by R.G. Alexander
185. 4th of July Sausage Swallower by Lexi Maxxwell
186. Taken by the Troll by Autumn Crowl
187. Governor Sara Polan is Mated by the Moose Monster by Amanda Clover
188. The Monster in my Pants by John Lee Macker
189. Frankenslime by Rock Bronson
190. Laid Bear by Marina Maddix
191. Wicked Release by R.G. Alexander
192. Bred by the Monster in the Forest by J.M. Keep
193. Losing It After a Day at the Beach by Mimi Strong
194. Two Hot People Had Sex and They Totally Liked It by Mimi Strong
195. Used by Aliens by Audrey Grace
196. Dating the Goblin King by Mimi Strong
197. The Rough Mating of a Vampire by J.S. Scott
198. The Viking's Virgin Breeding Slave by Fannie Tucker
199. Chained in the Demon's Lair by Crystal de la Cruz
200. Christmas Choices by Melissa F. Hart
201. Alice in Eroticland by Dee Dawning
202. Falling for an Angel by Melissa F. Hart
203. It's Not Enough by Melissa F. Hart
204. Hunter's Heart by Melissa F. Hart
205. Cataclysm Blues by Cari Silverwood
206. Free Agent by Roz Lee
207. Beneath the Starry Sky by Jessica E. Subject
207. Celestial Seduction by Jessica E. Subject
208. Unknown Futures by Jessica E. Subject
209. Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject
210. Sudden Breakaway by Jessica E. Subject
211. Taken by her Mechanic by Tori Kiss
212. Adventures in Sex Research by Tori Kiss
213. Lexie's First Time by Mimi Strong

214. Take Three, Please by Anwen Stiles
215. Three Men and a Girlfriend by Tori Kiss
216. Firecracker in Heat by Megan Flint
217. Bad Secretary by Tori Kiss
218. Tempting Prudence by Melissa Schroeder
219. The Cop and the Girl From the Coffee Shop by Terry Towers
220. Feral Domination by L.A. Day
221. Forever by Kamery Solomon
222. All Wrapped Up by Lisa Alder
223. Cherry Kisses by Erica Hayes
224. Play With Me by Alisha Rai
225. Ethan's Mate by J.S. Scott
226. Taste of Candy by Shoshanna Evers
227. Stone Soldier by C.E. Martin
228. Stone Soldier: Catching Fire by C.E. Martin
228. Stone Soldier: City of Bones by C.E. Martin

229. Craving More by Brandy Walker
230. The Cowgirl Puts on a Donkey Show by Sheena Stone
231. Mimes Don't Make Noise by Sheena Stone
232. Send in the Clowns by Sheena Stone
233. Enforcer by Lauren Dane
234. Universal Guard by Crystal Kauffman
235. Girls' Night Out by Lauren Dane
236. Transformational Attraction by Marc J. Riley
237. The Bounty by Beth Williamson
238. Shadows Fall by Brandy L. Rivers
239. Taken by the Minotaur by Isabel Dare
240. Her Alpha, Untamed by Nadia Nightside
241. Mated to the Vampire Clan by Audrey Grace
242. Super Bad by Vivi Andrews
243. Super Hot by Vivi Andrews
244. Princess Miri by Cerys du Lys
245. Thrown to the Wolves by Aya Fukunishi
246. I Slept with Slender Man by Emma Steele
247. Charmed Spirits by Carrie Ann Ryan
248. Harker's Journey by N.J. Walters


  1. Awesome challenge, Kelly! I'd love to sign up, but I doubt I'd get anywhere NEAR 100 freebies! Good luck!

    1. I chose the highest level. You can choose as low as 12 (one a month), if you'd like.