Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Lover Uncloaked by Tina Folsom

Lover Uncloaked (Stealth Warriors #1) by Tina Folsom
- previously issued as Edge of Passion (Cloak Warriors #1) -
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Able to render themselves invisible, immortal Cloak Warriors like Aiden have been protecting humans from the dark power of the Demons of Fear for centuries. But the demons might soon have a powerful tool in their hands to seduce humans to the dark side. And the person to provide them with this elixir is the human scientist Leila. Unbeknownst to her, the drug she’s developing to cure Alzheimer’s has the unexpected side effect of weakening the mind’s resistance to the influence of demons.

The Council of Cloak Warriors is divided, some of them believing the only safe way to eradicate this threat is to eliminate its inventor, others are bent on protecting the human scientist. Aiden is a loyal Cloak Warrior who accepts the assignment to protect her despite his own beliefs that humans can\'t be trusted. However, when her life is endangered, his beliefs shift, and he’s drawn into a battle whose participants are unknown: is he fighting the demons or his fellow Cloak Warriors?

Forbidden desire flares between Aiden and Leila as they are forced to rely on the only people they can trust: each other. And even if he can save her and defeat their enemies, a union between them might be the most dangerous undertaking of all.
My Thoughts: I liked this book but it took me a while to get into. I can't even pinpoint why it didn't grab me right away so it very easily could have been my state of mind or that I was having an off couple of days. I'm totally willing to shoulder the burden on this one. Totally.

Anyway. Once I got past my funk, I enjoyed Aiden and Leila. It did seem like there were a lot of half-truths and lies floating around between the two of them but if they're willing to forgive and forget, who am I to judge? I *really* enjoyed Aiden's Cloak Warrior buddies. They all seem like they're the type who would be a blast to hang out with. You know, if you like being in the middle of a bunch of warriors with little to no downtime. Which I do.

It was an intriguing overall premise, it just took me a while to get into. I liked that you never quite knew who to trust. Even once things began being revealed there was this little voice in my head saying "I don't know. Maybe they're working for the other side." Point to you, Tina Folsom, for making this story all twisty.

While this book didn't blow me away, it was fun and sexy. As it turns out, those are both things I like.

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  1. Fun and SEXY! Those are oddly two things I really enjoy also :)

  2. Hmm. Half-truths and lies would drive me mad, I'm afraid. I usually end up wanting to strangle the characters.

    1. Yeah. It worked in the context of the story but it's kinda one of those things that drives me batty.