Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Swan and the Bear by Eve Langlais

Swan and the Bear (Furry United Coalition #2) by Eve Langlais
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Screw honey, this bear craves chocolate.

Mason, a true ladies man and a big teddy of a bear, is on a mission to protect the shifter community. Who is he to complain if that task requires him to guard FUC’s tech wizard—a curvy mocha hottie who knows how to bring him to his knees.

Jessie has no patience for a bear who flirts every time he breathes. Despite his appeal, and smoking good looks, she refuses to give in to his charm. She can’t because this swan princess is already promised to another.

When an evil mastermind sets his sights on her, will one playful bear be enough to save her feathery tail from danger? And if Mason manages to steal her heart who will save him from her daddy—the not-so-nice swan king?

Warning: Giggling is a strong possibility as are snickers, snorts and full out, belly laughs. This humorous, erotic romance also contains scenes of extreme hotness, titillation is expected so make sure to have spare underpants on hand. Please note, a poor unsuspecting playbear was turned into a monogamous husband during the making of this story.
My Thoughts: I don't know what it is about these books that make me giggle like mad -- no, scratch that. I do know what it is. It's the sassy characters and the witty banter. It the way they do battle against the cracked henchmen and the evil mastermind.  I just adore this series to pieces. TO PIECES!

Mason is a hoot. He loves the ladies and he's not afraid to let them know it. Jessie is his opposite. She thinks sex is overrated and she's not impressed with his thinly veiled innuendo. Except, she really is. The more time she spends with him, the more she comes to like him. She just doesn't trust him. It was glorious watching her fall and fall hard. And it was pretty hilarious how she made Mason *work* for her honey.

Miranda and Chase (from book 1) put in an appearance (Mason's abject terror at Miranda's shifted form is AWESOME, btw) and there's plenty of set up for book 3. The squirrelly mastermind is still working toward his final goal and THIS SERIES IS SO FREAKING FUN!

Sexy, sometimes silly, and fully awesome. I'm ready for book 3.

Books in this series
1. Bunny and the Bear
2. Swan and the Bear - Paperback | Kindle
3. Croc and the Fox

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  1. Did I download one of those books in this series? I think I did. I should read that.

    1. Yes. You have Croc and the Fox (which is FABULOUS!).

  2. I LOVE Mason. He's so adorably sexy :-)

    1. He's such a playbear! LOL! I adore this series. It's so fun!