Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Temptation of Teresa by Ava Gray

Temptation of Teresa by Ava Gray
Synopsis (Goodreads):
She's pure innocence

Due to her tragic past, Teresa has always wanted to become a nun; she longs for a life of quiet contemplation. Sins of the flesh terrify her and from what she's seen, passion only leads down into darkness. Every pleasure has its price.

He's the essence of sin

A divinely diabolical wager sends the golden, handsome Dev to a remote monastery with one task--Teresa's complete seduction. If he fails, he spends the rest of his immortal life in hell. If he succeeds, it costs her soul.

Seven days of temptation. One innocent maiden. One devilish incubus. Will she choose her immortal soul or the love of a lifetime?
My Thoughts: *blinks* This book wasn't quite what I was expecting. In a good way. It... was more. MOAR! And I liked it. A LOT. I thought I was just going to get a "demon lays his considerable charms on an innocent" type of story and instead I got an HOLY FREAKING GLOB! WHAT? OKAY! MOAR! type of story. I'm not saying that Dev didn't use his considerable charms on Teresa. Indeed, he did. I'm just saying that this story was also touching and sweet and sexy and I really, really liked it.

Without giving too much away, I loved that Teresa *saw* Dev. She found happiness in his happiness. She understood what the cost would be for him if he failed in his seduction. She was just as lost as he was, for all she had such a clear-cut path in front of her. It worked for me. All of the give and take of their time together worked.

This was a fun story. I really enjoyed it and I thought the end was perfect. *thumbs up*

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Ava Gray is a pen name for Ann Aguirre
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  1. Ann Aguirre?! I may have to check this one out!

  2. Good review. glad you liked it.

  3. I've read a few books in her Skin series and really loved them.

    I would NOT have picked this up based on the blub. I bought it already due to your review. YOU ARE KILLING MY BANK ACCOUNT!!

    1. I haven't read any of the Skin series, but I love Ann Aguirre's writing. She kills with emotion and she's always putting her poor characters in the WORST situations. Poor characters!

      I picked this up on a whim and was so delighted with it. It was... intriguing. I liked it.

    2. I read this on my lunch break today and LOVED it!