Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Series Review: Last of the Werewolves by Audrey Grace

Audrey Grace wowed me with her alien tentacle series (Bred by the Alien Tentacle and Bred by the Alien Tentacle on Mars), so it shouldn't shock anyone that her #NakedWerewolves get a *thumbs up* from me, too.

Books in the Last of the Werewolves series
1. Last of the Werewolves - Kindle
2. Last of the Werewolves II - Kindle
3. Last of the Werewolves III - Kindle
Last of the Werewolves Trilogy bundle - Kindle

The Last of the Werewolves series contains lots of m/m lovin'. Lots. There are themes of dubious consent and a horny man-beast who likes to be serviced. You've been warned.
Last of the Werewolves
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Keegan, sole survivor of a horrific accident, is lost in some wild, unknown woodland. When he meets a massive creature with wolf-like features, who calls himself Leon, Keegan asks for food. The werewolf tells him that he can have food, but only on one condition...

My Thoughts: Helllllo, sexy man-love! I'm not going to lie, #NakedWerewolves are my crack (along with sexy sci-fi, mohawked vampires, and two people being accidentally snowed in and forced to share body heat) and this story gave me a WHOLE lot of werewolf to ogle. A WHOLE lot. *waggles brows*

Part of me feels like I shouldn't enjoy stories where the main character is forced to have sex with someone (for whatever reason) but... Keegan ended up *really* enjoying himself. WHO AM I TO DENY HIM HIS PLEASURE? And Leon's been alone for a long time. He has NEEDS, people. NEEDS! And he gets those needs taken care of.

Bottom line, I liked it. I liked that Keegan is adrift after the plane crash and Leon steps in to take care of him. Yeah, his care comes with a price, but... it worked. It was sexy and, well, I'm ready to see how things play out for this unlikely duo.

Last of the Werewolves II
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Biologist Casimir Martin is searching in a remote forest for new species of frog, but he gets lost in the night. He is woken by a menacing voice from the darkness. When a beast emerges, half-man, half-wolf, Casimir is awed. But he doesn't know what lies in store for him...
My Thoughts: Sexy follow-up to book 1. This time, we get to see Keegan in a different light and learn a little more about what Leon and Keegan have been up to. Well... actually, we don't learn all that much about what they've been up to. It's more like we learn more about what they are. Or could be. There's a lot of conjecture and maybes being thrown around. In Keegan's defense, it's a little hard to get answers when you're stranded in the middle of a forest and the only person who *might* be able to answer any questions hasn't interacted with people in decades. Well, that and it's looking highly possible that Leon simply doesn't have any answers.

What was I talking about again? Anyway. Leon's in a bad way, Keegan wants to save his partner, and Casimir stumbles off on his own at an opportune moment and gets nabbed. Keegan gets some lovin', Casimir gets to swallow... everybody ends up happy. Or at least they end up happier. And that's what counts, amirite?

Here's to a horny wolfy threesome in book 3!

Last of the Werewolves III
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Keegan, a werewolf, believes that biologist Casimir can help his ailing companion, Leon. But the scientist cannot help the sickly Leon, and tensions rise. When Leon demands that Casimir 'pay his respects' things get hot!
My Thoughts: Soooo... I'm back to feeling mildly guilty that I think it's totally hot that poor Casimir is being forced to service these two werewolves. There's a scent thing going on, too, that gets him revved up and eager to take all their wolf-seed and even that works for me. I think this may be conclusive proof that I'm pervy. Hush, everyone. It's true. I've come to accept this as fact.

I totally dug the parallels between Keegan's first time with Leon and Casimir's first time with the two of them. It was sex-ay and a little bittersweet at the same time. And the ending? Sad, sweet, and more than a little creepy when Keegan was so matter of fact about what was going to happen if Casimir decided to walk away.

There's nothing better than a bunch of #NakedWerewolves, in my opinion. Which means that I liked it. I liked it a lot.

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  1. I am not a big m/m reader but your are right---nothing better than a bunch of #nakedwerewolves :) I bet they were all hot too!

    1. m/m on its own is kinda hit and miss with me but throw some f in there and I'm all "YES! GO TO TOWN, YOU THREE! RAWR!" That said, I liked these books. They're quick and dirty. Just the way I like my werewolves!

  2. I'm not going to lie. I kinda miss the tentacle series reviews. Because, tentacle sex. But #NakedWerewolves are good too. You can't go wrong with #NakedWerewolves.

    1. Tentacles hold a special place in my heart. As I'm sure you know. But then, #NakedWerewolves do too!