Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart

Deer in Headlights (Good Gods #1) by Staci Hart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
What do the gods do when they're bored? Because they're always bored, and humans are the perfect players in their games.

Aphrodite owns love; she hasn't lost a competition on her turf in over three millennia. Apollo is on a mission to win. He's counting on it to finally get the one woman he's never been able to have. The two gods will choose their human players, and if Dita can't get them together before the clock runs out, Apollo will get his way. And Dita couldn't have that.

Lex and Dean are perfect for each other, they just don't know it yet. Dean is a perpetual bachelor, and a brooding, beautiful rock star. Lex is always with a man, but she'll never fully give herself up. Dita has her work cut out for her, but if she can't make it work, no one can.

The gods have their own drama. Apollo killed Dita's mortal love - they've got beef that's been dragging on for thousands of years. Ares, the douchebag, is forever trying to pick a fight, and trying to get Dita into bed. And Persephone, Dita's best friend, is the one person who Dita shares everything with.

Follow the gods as they fight, laugh, cry, lose love, gain power, and make a mess with humans.
My Thoughts: The Greek pantheon is one that I've always embraced whole-heartedly (I blame Xena and her shenanigans with the Gods for this) (No, wait. I loved those Gods well before she showed up), so finding a book that weaves together the stories I remember while successfully throwing in a modern twist is a fun, FUN treat! That the Gods of old were sassy and snarky and downright cruel at times was an added plus. Because, let's face it, those guys are the epitome of dysfunction and that's part of what makes them so engaging.

So. Dita and Apollo are ready to do battle in the competition that keeps the Gods sane through the ages. They each have a player and they each have reasons for wanting to win. There's backstory and unrequited longing and some really awful backstabbing. Basically, it's all the things that make stories about the Gods so irresistible. Here's the kicker - while I felt for Apollo and understood why he needed to win, I wanted Dita to win just so Lex and Dean could find their own happiness. It was a very confusing time for me.

With a playing board as big as this is, I see the potential for A LOT more stories down the road. Hopefully, the lies and backstabbing will be exposed and we'll get to see some righteous wrath rain down on those that done Dita wrong. Because nothing says drama like a woman on the warpath.

Very fun and very intriguing with characters that alternately made me want to give them a  good shake or hug them. These Gods can be childish and immature, but they do (occasionally) do the right thing. *thumbs up*

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  1. This sounds INTERESTING. And very different from other books. Unless I just haven't read a lot of books based on Greek mythology. IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.

    1. Lol! It was interesting! I liked it! And I do read a lot of Greek mythology based books so... I don't know where I was going with that. *gives you the side eye*

  2. How fun and entertaining this book sounds! I love the Greek pantheon, as well. They are some dysfunctional people with some serious character flaws. I love a good Greek mythology story. Plus, that book cover is totally cool!

    1. Dysfunctional with a capital WTF! Lol! I love them for just that reason. *thumbs up*