Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Last Dance by Linda Joy Singleton

Last Dance (The Seer #2) by Linda Joy Singleton
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Sabine can't wait to show off her new boyfriend at the upcoming school dance, but she's also worried about her grandmother, Nona, who's suffering from a fatal hereditary illness. The only cure lies within a remedy book, lost long ago. Determined to save Nona, Sabine goes to Pine City to visit a distant relative who may have clues. But there's someone else clamoring for Sabine's attention: a fifty-year-old ghost named Chloe who's been appearing in her dreams. Celebrated by Pine City every year on the anniversary of her tragic death, Chloe has become a town legend. Despite death threats and missing the school dance, Sabine must use her psychic skills to solve the mystery surrounding Chloe's untimely demise . . . and lay her soul to rest.
My Thoughts: I enjoyed the first book in the series enough to continue on but I'm found myself zipping through this book so quickly that I'm a little disheartened. The story moves quickly and the writing is fairly straightforward with no side journeys away from Sabine and her quest.

Speaking of Sabine, while I can understand that she finds Josh the Perfect somewhat alluring with his perfect perfection and his perfectly generous heart, I can't understand how she can expect to be with someone long-term when they don't know what she can do. She's afraid to tell Josh that she has a psychic bent because she doesn't want to scare him away. On one hand, understandable. What she can do is a little scary and could be hard to take. On the other hand, it's who she is. She can't turn off her visions and what she sees can help people, so denying that part of her so she can be "normal" doesn't really feel like it's going to work in the long run.

Anyway. Sometimes I find Sabine really immature and sometimes she's amazingly self-aware. While I can see why she'd be daydreaming about being the one to find the book her grandmother needs, being angry at Dominick for trying to help when her grandmother specifically asked the two of them to work together was a definite point on the immature side.

Enjoyable but not mind-blowing.

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Last Dance was a free Kindle download I picked up on 02/07/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge.

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