Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: How Beauty Loved the Beast by Jax Garren

How Beauty Loved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight #3) by Jax Garren
Synopsis (Goodreads):
It’s all been leading to this.

Jolie Benoit has become a skilled agent of the Underlight, relying on her savvy to complete assignments while Sergeant Wesley Haukon was out of commission. But an unexpected clue to the Order of Ananke’s diabolical scheme rattles Jolie, and she turns to Hauk for comfort.

It’s been years since Hauk took comfort from the touch of another person, though his love for Jolie is deep and powerful. Uncomfortable in his skin, scarred by a terrible fire, he is unable to give in to the pleasures that Jolie so desperately wants to grant him.

Meanwhile, the Order is lurking in the shadows—and when they strike, the blow is swift and terrible. Hauk and Jolie scramble to fight for their community, but with the future of the Underlight threatened, no one is safe. And Hauk will never be the same…
My Thoughts: I honestly don't think I can adequately express how very, very much I adore this entire series. Everything about it works for me. From Hauk's first time with Jolie to the relationship that developed between them as the story progressed. I just love it to pieces. This installment allowed their relationship to move forward physically while showing Hauk's insecurities with his scars and imperfections. The reality of his scars doesn't scare Jolie but this isn't about Jolie. It's about Hauk being comfortable in his own skin and being able to meet her as an equal on that front.

And it takes him time to reach that point.

There were parts of this book that killed me. There were parts that made me smile in giddy delight. There were parts that were heartbreaking. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Jolie and Hauk had a rough journey. The Order of Ananke didn't make things easy from the start and, in fact, they made things a whole lot worse before it started getting better. But it was worth it. THINGS HAPPEN here. Big things. Terrible things.

Without those things, Hauk and Jolie wouldn't end up where they ended up. And I approve of where they ended. In a big way.

Bottom line, this is a great ending to a fabulous series. I want to dive into it again from the beginning.

Books in this series
1. How Beauty Met the Beast
2. How Beauty Saved the Beast
3. How Beauty Loved the Beast - Kindle

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  1. I really need to pick up this series, don't I?

    1. All I can say is that I REALLY liked it from beginning to end. It worked for me.

  2. I love the cover! this is one that I am on the fence about but those striking covers almost make me want to lean to yes!

    1. I fell in love with the series with book 1 and I haven't regretted a minute of it. *draws sparkly hearts around it*

  3. Great review! I loved this series as well and you explained why it so good perfectly. I'm with you that I feel the need to read it all again from the start.

    1. Thank you! Jax Garren did such a fabulous job building Jolie and Hauk as characters that I *felt* for them every step of the way. I really REALLY enjoyed this series.