Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: Fairyvision by J.L. Bryan

Fairyvision (Songs of Magic #5) by J.L. Bryan
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Jason, Erin, and the other Zebras go on a world tour with their enchanted instruments, only to encounter the mysterious supernatural Folk of India and the Far East. While they tangle with their record company, Erin tries to avoid dealing with the secrets she's learned about herself, while Jason pieces together a mystery surrounding a very special golden guitar called Caliburn.

In Faerie, Aoide the Lutist and her troupe finally return home from their long adventure. They're struggling to get new gigs, but Aoide senses opportunity in the form of special new magic mirrors that can broadcast concerts, plays, and other entertainment all over Faerie...
My Thoughts: Man, oh, man. Those poor Zebras are caught up in the whirlwind of their success but they don't get the chance to appreciate it. They're traveling around the world, seeing things that most kids their age will never see and they spend their days running from gig to gig until they're exhausted and cranky. Plus, Mitch is kinda a kiss-butt douche and I have no idea how the other members of the band manage to put up with him since he came into a little money.

I seriously love all the goings on in Faerie. Aoide and her friends journey back to Sidhe City (vampires!), Lia's terrible task (I don't actually like that part, but I like Lia), Icarus and his muscular arms (heh!)... Faerie is FUN! Well, not all of Faerie is fun. Mab's not fun. She's kind of nutty. But all the punny things that happen there. ALL THE PUNS!

Meanwhile, back with Jason and crew, on top of the Zebras' 9 billion city tour, they're forced to take part in a reality show. Which ends up being just as horrific as you'd think. Erin and Jason are getting closer, the director of the reality show is trying to drive a wedge between all the band mates (because what's a good reality show without the DRAMA!), and Erin is forced to be a spokesperson for some really horrific pants.

Also... Ninja fairies. *fist pump*

The crazy is still going strong, Malarkay Records need a swift kick in the pants (along with all the various people who work for them), and the THINGS THAT HAPPEN at the end gave me a case of crazy eyes. Oh, noes, Zebras! The future's not looking so bright at the moment. I expect that only the greatest of shenanigans will be able to get them out of this predicament. Get to it, kiddies!

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  1. I'm not sure what's going on this world, but ninja fairies and zebras has me wanting to unearth Fairy Metal Thunder from my Kindle and get reading.