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Review: Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter #9, Were-Hunter #4) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Synopsis (Goodreads):
It's a predator-eat-predator world for the Were-Hunters. Danger haunts any given day. There is no one to trust. No one to love. Not if they want to live...

An orphan with no clan that will claim him, Wren Tigarian grew to adulthood under the close scrutiny and mistrust of those around him. A forbidden blend of two animals - snow leopard and white tiger - Wren has never listened to anyone when there was something he wanted. Now he wants Marguerite.

Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau is the daughter of a prominent U.S. senator who hates the socialite life she's forced to live. Like her mother before her, she has strong Cajun roots that her father doesn't understand. Still, she has no choice but to try and conform to a world where she feels like an outsider. But the world of rich and powerful humans is never to meet the world of the Were-Hunters who exist side by side with them, unseen, unknown, undetected. To break this law is to call down a wrath of the highest order.

In order to have Marguerite, Wren must fight not just the humans who will never accept his animal nature, but the Were-Hunters who want him dead for endangering their world. It's a race against time and magic without boundary that could cost Marguerite and Wren not just their lives, but their very souls...
My Thoughts: I have a confession to make. It's not a particularly dark confession, but it is a confession all the same. *deep breath* Here goes. I *really* like these Were-Hunters. They're dark and a little dangerous. They have no problem spilling blood and they get VERY protective of the people they consider their own. I LIKE ALL THOSE THINGS! A LOT!

Wren is the solitary Katagaria who's hovered in the shadows at Sanctuary every time we've met him in the past. His past is brutal and bloody and he doesn't think very highly of himself. Maggie has some serious daddy issues and just wants a chance to live her life doing the things that she wants to do. There's something very sweet in the way Wren softens and gentles around her. I love it when a strong man falls. LOVE IT.

This book is very light on the Dark-Hunters and has zero sightings of Daimons BUT we get a cool look at the inner workings of the Were-Hunter society. We also get to see shades of Fang and Aimee (those two have the forbidden side of "forbidden romance" down pat) and get a peek at how mercenary Nicolette can be when it comes to her family.

I'm down with more Were-Hunter books, btw. I am totally in love with how feral these guys get when those they love are in danger. The fight, they draw blood, they're unstoppable even when they've been shot and beaten down. I <3 these guys so hard!

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