Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened by Karen Swart

Kasadya: Hellhound Awakened by Karen Swart
Synopsis (Goodreads):
In a constant battle between good and evil, evil is dominating the battle field and leading mankind to its destruction. With our Creator's intervention a creature destined to concur and destroy is created. He gives mankind hellhounds to fight back and reclaim freedom.

Join seventeen year old Kasadya Levourne as she fights against evil to protect us. With each step she faces destruction, and yet she has the talent to give it back tenfold. Stubborn and hardheaded she makes her mark in the fallen world and starts a battle none can escape. Not even her trainer, the very attractive Chax de Luca, was prepared for her presence.

Will evil prevail? Or will Kas and her fallen friends succeed in protecting us against it?

Hold on to your seats, this is going to be one hell of a ride.
My Thoughts: I am torn on this book. I liked the overall mythology and the idea of a group of supernaturals that defended humanity against demons buuuuut... I was bothered by the way Kas handled some of the things that were thrown at her. Or, not how she handled them so much as how she didn't handle them. I mean, if you're ruthlessly separated from everything you've known and forced to do terrible, awful things, I find it hard to believe that when the chance came to reconnect with them you wouldn't do everything in your power to track them down. She had a brief moment of "OMG! My friends! My family!" and then she fell into line and it seemed to become a non-issue.

That said, I liked Kas for the most part. She's put in a situation that isn't easy and she finds a way to work with it. Chax isn't an easy person to get along with, but she sees his commitment to the fallen and their fight and she grows to respect him for that. I do think she should have *talked* to someone about some of the things she was experiencing at Hellhouse (dreams where you wake up screaming tend to be a harbinger of bad things) but I can also understand that she was doing her best to be strong and deal with things on her own. Of course, dealing with things on her own ended up landing her in a world of hurt, so the lesson that they're stronger together would have been a good one to learn at that point.

Now, I do have a bit of a thing when it comes to authority figures purposefully keeping critical information from their charges. In this case, it was why Hellhounds were pushed into pairing off with their mates at fairly young ages. I can only assume that their secrecy will be explained at a later date because, right now, I'm not understanding why it isn't something that everyone knows.

Overall, this was a fun book. I wasn't entirely sold on some of Kas's decisions but I do like the direction the storyline is heading in. And I must say that I hope we see more of Chax in the future because I like that guy. He's intense. Intense is good.

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  1. Interesting cover art! And premise. Hellhounds. Nice! May have to wishlist this one anyway and hope for the best with annoying protagonist lady.

    1. I have a feeling that a lot of my issues are addressed in book 2. Maybe.