Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Haunted Wolves by Moira Rogers

Haunted Wolves (Green Pines #2) by Moira Rogers
Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lorelei Adams has lost many things–her humanity, her life, even her son. She’s always fought through her exhaustion, always stayed strong for her pack, but now there are new alphas to take care of the others. Unfortunately, time to rest means time to think about her own pain.

Colin Knox knows about exhaustion. He’s acted as judge, jury and executioner to rogue wolves for over a decade, but never lingered long enough to help the survivors pick up the pieces–until now. Lorelei rouses his instincts, both protective and carnal. She’s willing, but only to indulge in physical distraction. Colin wants more, to be the hero who slays her monsters.

Especially when it becomes clear that malicious magic is loose in their sanctuary. The danger draws them together until it’s impossible to separate lust from affection, good intentions from rationalizations. Darkness is stirring at Green Pines. If they can’t fight it together, they could lose everything they have left.

Warning: Contains a weary vigilante hero looking for a place to call home and a stubborn werewolf heroine unwilling to admit she needs help. Also appearing: small town prejudices, big city dangers, naked chases through the woods and ghosts. Lots of ghosts.
My Thoughts: Holy smokes! I forgot how much I adore these wolves and their messed up lives. Seriously, this pack has had it rough and they're nowhere near healed from their experiences in Memphis. They all need massive quantities of hugs and lots of time finding themselves again so they can be happppppy again.

I'm not sure whether I feel more for Lorelei and her obvious pain and brokenness or Colin and his hidden issues. I'm *almost* leaning toward Colin just because he doesn't even realize what a wreck he is until he gets brutally honest with himself. Lorelei knows she's hanging on by her fingernails. She knows she's only kept thing together as long as she has because *somebody* had to. If she fell, there wouldn't be anyone left to protect the others in her pack and she couldn't allow that. Colin wants the normalcy of pack life but he doesn't know how to take it when it's there.

I just love these guys to pieces, I tell you!

Beyond just a group of broken wolves, there's also some STUFF going on that puts their hard fought safety in jeopardy. The secondary characters truly shine and have such wonderful depth and personality as they battle to protect what remains of their pack.

Things are happening here. Secrets are being revealed. Strange goings on are being unearthed. The past is rearing its ugly head and things are getting tense.

I want MOAR.

Green Pines
1. Haunted Sanctuary
2. Haunted Wolves - Kindle
3. Haunted Magic
4. Haunted Hearts

Moira Rogers
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Haunted Wolves was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I just added the first book to my wishlist. Because who can say no to Moira Rogers?

    1. Have you read the Red Rock Pass series? It's kind of a precursor to this one (set in the same world, minor character crossover) and it's sexy and fun. #JustSayin'!

    2. I was hoping at least the first one would be free. Alas, no. I just checked. =(

  2. The past! Always there to bite you in the ass!

    1. YOU'RE NOT WRONG! (Those werewolves like to nip and bite in general, too! Wheeee!)

  3. Ahh I so need to read these! Love their books but haven't read them in ages. This one sounds great :)

    herding cats & burning soup

    1. This one is a good one! Moira Rogers writes such lovely, damaged characters.