Saturday, August 24, 2013

State of the Kelly [2]

Last time I did this was back in the beginning of June and, OH MY, what big changes a few months have wrought.

First off, this week is Bout of Books. *waves at all the #boutofbooks-ers out there* Which basically means that I'm trying to balance blogging with running a fair sized readathon and writing a book.


Which is the second thing I want to discuss. I have a book coming out at the beginning of September. A BOOK. I'm scared and excited and scared about this. Because I MADE A BOOK, PEOPLE. And I'm going to release it into the wild and let people READ IT.

Usually only Amanda gets to read what I write. So... yeah. Scared. Excited. Scared.

(PS: Sign up for my mailing list if you want to get notified as soon as the book's out... I'm writing under Kelly Apple. Because Rubidoux is a bitch to spell if you don't know how to spell it already. Which I do. Just so we're clear.)

My Kelly Apple website will go live in all its unfettered glory on September 9th. My book will go live shortly after. Or shortly before. This whole self publishing thing is tricky, you know. I want to get the book out as soon as possible, but I also want to generate buzz so... Yeah. There you go.

I have a book coming out soon.

I'll be releasing the cover and synopsis sooooon. Keep an eye on the website or here so you can see it in all it's naked man-chest-iness.

Oh, and the book I'm currently working on is the follow up to the one coming out in September. So, if you like book 1, just know that book 2 will be out not long after. Provided I can get off my butt and rev myself into high gear.

Did I mention that part about how I have a book coming out soon? *flails like a spaz*


  1. That's awesome. Can't wait to see what came out of your imagination ;)

    1. *cackles manically* Oh, it's a party in my head! *crazy eyes*

  2. Replies
    1. *dances under the shimmering colors*
      *gets confetti in my hair*
      *doesn't care*

  3. i am very excited about this! Good for you!! :)

  4. That's exciting news! Congrats!

  5. Whoohoo! I can't wait!!! smiles...

    1. You helped inspire me that it was achievable, so... THANK YOU!