Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hunt by Cat Scofield [Review]

The Hunt (Taken by the Pack #6) by Cat Scofield
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: July 30, 2013

Taken by the Pack
1. Full Moon
2. Star-Kissed
3. Midnight Eyes
4. Nightfire
5. Blood Price
6. The Hunt - Kindle

Cat Scofield
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**Kelly's note: Looking to give this series a whirl? Full Moon, book 1, can be found free at Amazon.

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright and Warren have escaped from Ms Ariel's clutches, but at a terrible cost. Toby was left behind, and Lisa doesn't know whether he's alive or dead.

But there's no way she's giving up on the werewolf she loves. She and Warren are going to break him out, even if it takes an army. And to get an army, she'll have to go slinking back to DC to knock on the door of the terrifying Master Jacoby...
My Thoughts on The Hunt: And the hits just keep on coming for poor Lisa and her boys. Who knew that one little peek into a club that she shouldn't have peeked into would pull Lisa into such a frightening and danger filled world? Well, we knew, didn't we? We knew and we're LOVING IT!

This time around Toby is still in the clutches of the despicable Ms Ariel and Lisa and Warren have to ask Master Jacoby for help. I'm not sure how I feel about the deal Lisa was forced to make to save one of her loves. I mean, I get it. I really do. She did what she had to do to get the manpower to save him but... I'M SCARED, PEOPLE! Master Jacoby doesn't seem quite as vicious as Ms Ariel and Old Pete but he's still an Alpha and he will come to collect.

Meanwhile... Toby is MIA and I worry about what's being done to him as Lisa and Warren scramble to find a way to save him. Poor man. I hope Lisa has time to give him some TLC after they get through this. IF they get through this.

Big things are afoot. Lisa and Warren get some quality sexy time in (to blow off steam, of course) and THINGS are about to happen. THINGS!


  1. Hey. HEY. I remember this series. Lots of quality sexin' if I recall. It sounds like that continues. Niiiice.

    1. Yes! These are the wolves who bring their own lube. LOVE THAT!