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Knock, Knock... by Dale Mayer [Review]

Knock, Knock... (Psychic Visions #5) by Dale Mayer
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: August 12, 2013

Psychic Visions
1. Tuesday's Child
2. Hide'n Go Seek
3. Maddy's Floor
4. Garden of Sorrow
5. Knock Knock - Paperback | Kindle

Dale Mayer
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
There’s no best-by date for revenge.

Wealthy and beautiful Shay Lassiter runs the prestigious Lassiter Foundation, but her connections and resources prove worthless when her fiancĂ© tries to murder her. Now, she’s guarding her heart and using her knack for reading people’s intentions – both good and evil – to guide her. But when the Foundation’s clients start dying, she must turn to the new man in her life…one who’s giving her mixed signals.

Computer specialist and ex-cop, Roman Chandler, has a secret. It involves Shay and could ruin the fragile relationship he’s building with her. Though he can’t tell her the truth, he needs to convince her to trust him. He fears that whoever is behind this is about to turn his vengeance on Shay…

And vengeance can be deadly.
My Thoughts on Knock, Knock...: Another fun little ride in a world where those with psychic abilities find themselves drawn together and the bad guys can do things that no one should be able to do. With Stefan as a touchstone and mentor/friend to the various psychics, they've all come to rely on one another when times are tough.

This time around, we have Shay -- wealthy, independent Shay who finds something terrible in her fiance when he tries to kill her -- at the center of things. She's smart and driven and she no longer trusts herself when it comes to relationships because she failed to see the darkness in her own fiance before he tried to kill her.

Meanwhile, Roman is the perfect complement to Shay but the secret he's hiding keeps Shay on edge. Throw in a series of mysterious deaths and danger that is relentless and Shay and Roman are going to have to work hard to make something of their budding relationship.

While I can't say that the bad guy was a total surprise, I found myself second guessing my conclusions more than once. The showdown was big and bad and the bad guy definitely got what was coming to them.

And the psychic community keeps on growing. *thumbs up*

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