Saturday, November 16, 2013

Discussion Post: Things that make me happy (Part 3)
*cough* No, I'm not procrastinating on getting my words in for NaNo today. NOT AT ALL!

Wait. What's that? I haven't done a "things that make me happy" post in a while [see: part 1 and part 2]. Well, DAMMIT! I'd best do that first!

(Special thanks to Felicia at Geeky Blogger's Book Blog for inspiring me with her posts on authors, books, and bloggers she's thankful for through the month of November!)

Things that make me happy (part 3)

1. (I've said this before and I'll likely say it again!) All the fantastic people I've met since starting this blog. I'm not big on celebrating milestones here, but Reading the Paranormal is now in its FOURTH year of operation. It celebrated its 3rd birthday at the beginning of September and I'm so incredibly pleased, humbled, thankful, and otherwise thrilled to have met so many readers, bloggers, and authors since I started this bad boy up.

2. Finding a new-to-me series that tickles my fancy and being able to delve into with gusto! Tessa Dare's Spindle Cove series springs immediately to mind. Being able to read that entire series one after the other gave me a major case of the happies. *swoons like a too tightly corseted lady*

3. The new-to-me authors I've discovered. I had the pleasure of reading Melissa Haag's Hope(less) mid-year and I was so smitten with her characters and the world she created that I immediately reread it as soon as I finished. While this isn't necessarily uncommon with me, I only do it to the books that strike a chord. And Hope(less) did. (PS: It's free on Kindle if you want to give it a try!)

4. Those who strive to make the blogosphere a better place. Drama (and those who embrace it) seems to be the norm more and more often lately and I'm so pleased to know there are bloggers out there who avoid getting involved in the petty stuff. I can't say I've always taken the high road (and, honestly, if someone jumps down a friend's throat about something I might react first and regret it later) but steering clear of the drama is something I try to do. So, hats off to all the ladies and gentlemen out there who've made their way without tearing others down to get there.

Okay, my lovelies. I really need to get those words in for the day! GO FORTH AND CELEBRATE THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE! Oh, and since this is a discussion post and everything, feel free to shout out in the comments something that you're thankful for or that makes you happy! I DON'T MIND!


  1. Amen to all that! I love #4 -- props to those who strive to make the blogosphere a better place. Just say no to the drama! Those who take such joy in all that make me want to tell them to get a life and stop being such trolls. Celebrate the awesome, y'all!


  3. I am happy with your Tumblr! Actually I totally agree with all of them :) #4 especially--I love that we have this little corner that seems to be pretty drama free. I mean drama over hot men dying in a book doesn't count :)

    1. I'm happy with my Tumblr, too! I almost put it on the list but... didn't. I don't know why. Lol!

      Yay for a drama free zone!