Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Mortality of Nathan Quinn by W.J. McCabe [Review]

The Mortality of Nathan Quinn by W.J. McCabe
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the publisher for an honest review
Date read: September 23, 2013

W.J. McCabe
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Can an act of self-destruction be the key to redemption?

Nathan Quinn despises nearly all of humanity, but he hates one person even more—himself. On the verge of taking his own life, Nathan is introduced to a mysterious figure, a Mortality Dealer, who congratulates Nathan on his impending suicide. What’s more, he seeks to recruit Nathan as a purveyor of death. Nathan’s choice is simple: he can either accept the MD’s offer and learn if he has what it takes to deal out mortality, or he can take a chance on what may—or may not—await him after death…
Thoughts on The Mortality of Nathan Quinn: An intriguing look at the way the choices we make have a way of swinging back to haunt us. Atmospheric and dark -- when one is dealing with a Mortality Dealer, one stands with one foot in darkness, as it turns out -- Nathan Quinn isn't the nicest person around but he has his moments.

Being purposefully vague (as I sometimes am), the path Nathan chooses doesn't do him any favors. He's cut himself off from the world and it isn't until he's forced to see it up close and personal that he understands all that he's lost.

Quick, enjoyable, and just dark enough to make me grin. Mortality Dealers -- no one does it deader.

(Oh, dear GAWD! Make me stop punning! PLEASE!)

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