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Life Cycle by Zoe Winters [Review]

Life Cycle (Preternaturals #4) by Zoe Winters
Format: ebook
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Date read: September 24, 2013

The Preternaturals
1. Bloodlust
2. Save My Soul
2.5. Dark Mercy
3. The Catalyst
4. Life Cycle - Paperback | Kindle

Zoe Winters
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
… Immortality can be a bitch

Cain: the first murderer... now the first incubus. And the most lethal. He’s killed too many women to count, luring them to his bed, feeding his dark urges, then taking their lives for their foolishness. He especially likes killing witches, one of the few beings dangerous to his kind. So killing Tam shouldn’t be a problem.

But there’s one thing he doesn’t know about her.

Tamara has lived nearly two thousand years, trapped by a spell of her own creation. An enemy and former lover is stalking her, intent on torturing her to take her magic. There is only one demon strong enough to release her from the curse and let her die for good... out of Jack’s reach. But will Cain honor her death wish, or keep her as his concubine forever? Eternity with a demon lover? He could be her darkest torment or everything she’s ever needed.
Thoughts on Life Cycle: One thing I like about this series (one of many, might I add) is that the heroes and heroines aren't always good guys. Frankly, Cain isn't in charge of the demon realm because he's full of sunshine and kittens. He's tough. He sets rules for his demons and he expects them to follow them. And if they don't? He does what he needs to do to contain them.

Add the fact that he's an incubus and has to feed through sex -- usually killing his partner -- and you have a guy who you might not want to bring home to meet the parents. Except... his brand of lethal is exactly what Tam needs. She'd strong in her own right. She's seen things in her long existence that most people never will. She's Cain's perfect match and watching both of them come to grips with this is highly entertaining.

One thing that I've always adored with series books is that we get a chance to go back and see what some of the previous characters have been getting into since their stories. Or, as is the case here, we get to see those characters through the eyes of another. Not going to lie, Cain doesn't like most everyone and that dislike tempers the way he sees them. Which is fun! Because characters we got to know as noble (or ruthless or... whatever) are seen as weak or feral from Cain's point of view.

I love that!

Fun, dark, a little bloody, and full of sass and sexy times. *thumbs up all around*

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