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Shades of War by C.E. Martin [Review]

Shades of War (Stone Soldiers #4) by C.E. Martin
Format: ebook
Source: free Kindle download 08/23/13
Date read: September 30, 2013

Stone Soldiers
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4. Shades of War - Paperback | Kindle
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C.E. Martin
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Colonel Mark Kenslir has defended America from the supernatural for over fifty years. In that time, he's killed many men. Now one of those vanquished enemies has come back from the grave- and is raising a spectral Confederate army for revenge.

Kenslir must find a way to stop an army that is already dead, before they reach Washington and plunge the country into chaos. Aided by his cryokinetic granddaughter, an amorous vampire M.D. and his stone soldiers, can the Colonel stop the forces of darkness or will Washington fall to the shades of gray?
Thoughts on Shades of War: There is some crazy stuff going on in this world. CRAZY. First we had primordial giants who were hell-bent on eating hearts (that's not a euphemism for falling in love or anything, you know. They literally ate hearts. And then morphed into the people they ate. Because shapeshifters do crazy things like that.) and now we have a bad guy who's stirring up the angry dead.

If Kenslir wasn't nigh on invincible, he'd probably be telling his bosses where to shove it.

Or maybe he wouldn't. He's all loyal and righteous and he fights the good fight.

Anyway. Bad guy with a chip on his shoulder (a slightly crazy chip, which makes him all the more fun) versus Kenslir and his band of merry men (and women!). THINGS HAPPEN. People die. Curses are nullified! More parahumans come to light!

These books are fun. The fights get bigger and badder with every book. The good guys have to stretch their thinking time and time again. The bad guys are just loony. And through it all, Kenslir keeps on pushing his people to do better and be stronger than they think they are.

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