Friday, January 3, 2014

Tooth and Claw by Cat Scofield [Review]

Tooth and Claw (Taken by the Pack #7) by Cat Scofield
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: October 12, 2013

Taken by the Pack
1. Full Moon
2. Star-Kissed
3. Midnight Eyes
4. Nightfire
5. Blood Price
6. The Hunt
7. Tooth and Claw - Kindle

Cat Scofield
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**Kelly's note: Looking to give this series a whirl? Full Moon, book 1, can be found free at Amazon.

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lisa Bright, one-time west-coast journalist, is going to war. A war she never asked for, between rival packs of werewolves, all vying to become the Alpha Father.

All Lisa wants is to have Toby back safe. Her lover has been taken from her by Ms Ariel, and what's worse is that it all might be part of a larger ruse. One wrong step, and Lisa might hand Ms Ariel the throne...
Thoughts on Tooth and Claw: Lisa and her boys are killing me here. Lisa blames herself for not being able to get back to Toby faster and the boys are SO determined to protect her from the viciousness of this power struggle.

First, though, I have to talk about poor Toby. He's been in the despicable clutches of Ms Ariel for a week. They haven't gone easy on him in that time. So, while Lisa's beating herself up mentally, Ms Ariel's goons are beating on Toby physically. Poor guy. I don't know what Master Jacoby is going to ask for in return for his help in rescuing him but I have to believe it'll be worth it because Lisa can't live without her two boys. And I LIKE Toby. I pains me that he was hurt so badly.

Things are moving forward. BIG things. Things that might end up with everyone dead or wishing they were dead if Ms Ariel ends up in charge. I'm excited to see what happens next!


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    1. We're getting close to the end. It's very good, btw. Lots of action-y parts and sexy parts. As I'm sure you remember from the installments you read. =D