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Werewolf Sings the Blues by Jennifer Harlow [Review]
Werewolf Sings the Blues (A Midnight Magic Mystery #2) by Jennifer Harlow
Format: ebook
Source: provided by Midnight Ink through NetGalley
Date read: December 7, 2013

A Midnight Magic Mystery
1. What's a Witch to Do?
2. Werewolf Sings the Blues - Paperback | Kindle

Jennifer Harlow
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
The last thing Vivian needs is to be thrust into a werewolf war

If Vivian Dahl's life had a soundtrack, every song would be the Blues. She's pushing thirty, her singing career is going nowhere, and the partying lifestyle is taking its toll. Plus, a mysterious man is stalking her. But when she's abducted from a singing gig, Vivian is surprised to see her stalker become her savior. Jason is her werewolf rescuer sent by the biological father who abandoned her as a baby. Finding herself on the run, Vivian drives across America with the enigmatic Jason and learns about the werewolf war her father's pack is caught in. Now that an opposing pack has targeted her, Jason will stop at nothing to make sure Vivian's song isn't cut short.
Thoughts on Werewolf Sings the Blues: I'm going to preface this review by saying I have issues with parental-type characters keeping big, life-altering secrets from other characters. This isn't something new. I get a little rage-y at times over it. That said, I was able to overlook some of the things kept from Vivian and while I didn't always understand how she was able to let things slide when she had been lied to and lied to and lied to, it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

Now that I've said that... dude, Viv. Your family is kinda whacked. I get what your parents were trying to accomplish by not telling you things but for them to let it go on as long as it did... well, you were much more forgiving than I would have been. But then, I'm a vindictive person who doesn't like having my trust shattered, I guess.

Anywho. It took a while for me to connect with Vivian. Not having read book 1, I don't know if the mating issues were established previously but I didn't understand why Frank was so determined to keep her and Jason apart. No one really explains anything to her until she's made all sorts of mistakes and put people in awkward positions. Honestly, a lot of that is her fault for being hard headed and choosing to see what she wanted to see. But at the same time, if someone is new to a place that has very defined rules, you'd think those rules would be laid out instead of expecting her to just know them.

Despite my griping, I did enjoy the book. The battle doesn't pull any punches. Innocent people get caught in the crossfire and are hurt. The betrayal is messy and painful and Vivian rises to the challenge of saving people nicely. I didn't always like Vivian but I liked her growth through the book.