Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Seriously Series 'Sessment - Jan-March

Welcome to the first official check-in for the 2014 Seriously Series Reading Challenge!

As a reminder, this check-in is a chance for you to report your progress during the previous 3 months (January - March) and reassess your goals, if needed. If you need a refresher on the categories and/or levels that you can shoot for, visit the sign-up page.

Check-in schedule:
  • April 1st: January--March
  • July 1st: April--June
  • October 1st: July--September
  • January 1st, 2014: October--December
Ready to share your progress? Excellent! Please link to either your initial sign-up post or a progress post -- not your blog's homepage.
Please note: The linky will remain open through the month of April for this check-in.


  1. I've gotten a few done on my list, but most of the books that I can read are still in boxes.

    1. That is a totally legitimate excuse. And as I like to say - As long as you're reading, you've already won!