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Blood Unleashed by Tracy Cooper-Posey [Review]
Blood Unleashed (The Blood Stone #3) by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Format: ebook
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Date read: January 31, 2014

The Blood Stone
1. Blood Knot
2. Blood Stone
3. Blood Unleashed - Paperback | Kindle
4. Blood Revealed

Tracy Cooper-Posey
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Who is the real enemy?

Marcus Anderson, chemical weapons expert and CIA handler of assets like world famous Kate Lindenstream, finds vampires troubling. He'd rather have nothing to do with them, until the world-class sniper known only as The Whisper takes a shot at him...and misses. While Marcus' supervisors wrangle over red tape, Marcus follows the trail back and meets Ilaria, a hot-tempered, diminutive, smoldering Italian beauty who captures his scarred and defensive heart.

Meanwhile, Cyneric Pæga's radar is prickled by a trail of clues that he puts together to reveal that Ilaria Scarvo, a vampire assassin just like Rick once was, is in town. He doesn't know who The Whisper's target is but Nial, leader of the revolutionaries, is at the top of the list. Then Rick meets Ilaria and finds she's not at all a cold-hearted killer. Ilaria is a wounded woman with a terrible secret that binds Rick to her.

Is Ilaria working for the League for Humanity, or the Pro Libertatus? Is she involved with Menes Heru's plans to use the doomsday weapon, the Blood Stone? Or is she as innocent as both Marcus and Rick want desperately to believe?
Thoughts on Blood Unleashed: What's my favorite thing to say about MMF menages? That's right! WANT MOAR! The fact that this series gives us danger, heartache, and intrigue wrapped around vampires on the verge of going public just makes it so much more delicious.

One thing I love about these books is that the relationships are so raw. Ilaria and Marcus have passion but he also gives her a peace she can't find anywhere else. Ilaria and Rick have sharp intelligence mixed in with their sexy times and a painful past experience that's shaped them into the people they are today. Marcus and Rick are brought together by Ilaria but they find comfort in each other when they're at their lowest.

It's a tangled ball of emotions and truthfulness and it WORKS.

Beyond the complexity of vampire relationships, events are moving forward toward the unveiling of vampires as a species. We get resolution to the theft of the Blood Stone (in book 2) and we get to see the darker side of vampires in Menes Heru.

I've really enjoying this series as a whole. Watching Nial maneuver his pieces on the board as he and the other vampires prepare to reveal themselves is interesting. Getting to see these vampires drop their emotional barriers as they find the ones that call to them makes it even better.

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