Saturday, April 19, 2014

Change is in the air!

Soooo. I used to be pretty good about updating Reading the Paranormal's Facebook page. Then Facebook changed up their algorithms or whatever and post views dropped dramatically. This didn't bother me at first because, hey!, it's a free-to-me service and I was still reaching people, right? Sure, it was less than I was before, but I still had readership over there.

Then those post views dropped even more.

Recently, I decided to take a good, long look at how much I was putting into that page versus how much I was getting out of it. Frankly, it was unbalanced.

Here's the thing, I still plan on keeping that page and staying active on it. However, I'm going to be automating more of my activity (using ifttt, etc).

Where am I going to be?

Funny you should ask.

A while back, Amanda forced me to start using Google+. I say "forced", but I mean it in a good way.

When I first started setting up my profiles on Google+ (Yes, profiles. I have several.), I couldn't find ANYTHING. It was like searching for a black cat in a dark room with a match that kept burning your fingers. IT WAS BAD, GUYS. BAD.

But Amanda said, "Kelly, stop being a douche. Get your ass on Google+. I want to have a hangout. We have things to TALK about."

I braved the labyrinthine twists and turns of Google+ and we had our hangout. And it was good. But it wasn't enough to get me to use it more than every once in a while.

And I still couldn't find my way around that place.

Then, Amanda was all, "We're going to have an accountability group. On Google+." And suddenly I was on Google+ every day. Sure, I still had only rudimentary navigation skills, but as it become more familiar, things started falling into place.


When I went looking for the communities, they were where I thought they'd be. When I needed to jump into a hangout to discuss important Bout of Books shenanigans, I COULD FIGURE IT OUT!

And seeing as how I'm on Blogger, which is part of Google, and Google+ IS Google, posting updates from the blog to my pages is EASY! Sure, there are things that don't *quite* work the way I want them to (I can't auto-post scheduled posts -- and I schedule ALL my posts), but I'm willing to work around that. Are there a few things that I still struggle with? Yeah. There are. But it's fun and exciting and I have that FIRE about updating again.

That's a good thing.

So, if you're on Google+ and you want to get in on the Reading the Paranormal action over there, HERE I AM. I'm also Kelly Rubidoux and Kelly Apple. Oh, Amanda and I MIGHT be planning some Bout of Books fun, too. YAY!



  1. Hold up. I also just want to stop this Google+ discussion to tell you how proud I am of you using IFTTT too. So many good tools!

    1. I'm working on that part. As in, I haven't set up anything except a Kelly Apple recipe. BUT... it's going to happen. *finger guns you like mad*