Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Off Tuesday - Rock this!

I've decided to join Felicia, Christi and Amanda for their gratuitous shirtless covers on Tuesdays. Because nothing says Tuesday like flashing some skin! Hop over to Felicia's blog to see who else is participating!

You had me at the abs, tattoos and piercing gaze, Wolfe!

Rock the Wolfe by Karyn Gerrard
She’s desperate for a break…

After a difficult year in the classroom, elementary school teacher Kerri Coleson is close to the breaking point. All she wants is a quiet summer to regroup and refresh. Vacationing alone at the old family homestead, she never expected to meet a burnt out rock star or discover that he might be the man of her dreams…

He’s desperate for her…

Following the bust-up of his group and the dissolution of his marriage, rock star Wolfe Phalen’s world has been turned upside down. Though intrigued by Kerri’s lush curves, nurturing personality, and sensual response to his touch, the last thing he wants is a romantic entanglement…

Kerri may rock Wolfe’s world, but will she rock his heart and soul?


  1. Replies
    1. RAWR! *joins you in your chant* TAKE IT OFF!

  2. With a name like Wolfe, I was *really* hoping for a #NakedWerewolf. BECAUSE HONESTLY.

    1. LOL! SO TRUE! But, then, I always hope for a #NakedWerewolf. Because #NakedWerewolf.

  3. He needs to take it off further. PLUS, I am just saying this--he needs to let us do a nip check :)